Acadia Kratom reviewed in 2020: Pro’s & Con’s

Acadia Kratom Review

One of the most important pieces of information dealing with any Kratom reviews is the product needs to be of high quality. Kratom that is low quality will not provide the same positive effects that people expect from taking Kratom. One of the more reputable vendors on the market for producing high-quality Kratom is Acadia. Have you ever heard of them? If not, there may be a reason why. The business went with a unique domain name which many of the top search engines didn’t connect with. If you are looking to connect with them, you can visit their website. The company is doing something right, however, as they have a tremendous amount of loyal customers.

The company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is one of the best sources of Kratom in the country. The product they offer is of the highest quality, which means people are able to feel all the positive effects of the herbs. The business offers a tremendous array of options and also has fast shipping choices available for people to receive the product in a very timely fashion.

Available Products

Customers will be thrilled to know that Acadia sells several varieties of Kratom as well as other different alternatives to the product. Acadia has put most of their focus on six different strains, which will be broken down later. What makes Acadia even more beloved by their customers is the availability to purchase many of the products in bulk quantities. The quantities include quarter kilos as well as half kilos, which are available in a select few varieties. 

Are the Strains Financially Reasonable?

When purchasing products from online companies, it can sometimes be hard to gauge whether or not the price is reasonable. One of the many reasons Acadia has such loyal customers is the fact their prices are very reasonable for their products. Acadia makes it their purpose to please their customers and will typically run different promotions and specials to help set a price point pleasing to their fan base. Typical costs range from $29.99 for 250 grams of Kratom to $49.95 for half kilos. People will find these prices are considerably cheaper than many other vendors of the product. 

The other bonus that people find when purchasing Kratom from Acadia is their ability to accept credit cards. Most vendors will not accept credit cards in fear of the legal ramifications they may face. All of the main credit cards are accepted. Cryptocurrency is another option that customers can use as a payment method if they are nervous about protecting their personal information. Currently, bitcoin is used as one of the top methods to protect your safety.

Customer Service

Another major factor to consider when searching for a well-known company is how successful their customer service department is. Acadia has a customer service department in place ready to handle any questions or problems people may encounter. Customers have raved about the professionalism they faced when dealing with their customer service agents. They are devoted and want to be models for the high-quality company they claim to be. People will have no difficulties when trying to contact customer service and will be thrilled with the positive response they will receive.

Products Available

Now that we have dissected Acadia, it is important to see which products they are currently selling for people to purchase. Currently, six different strains are available to all of their customers. These include White Jong Kong, Green Jong Kong, Red Hulu, White Hulu, Red Pinoh, and Green Pinoh. Each of the strains has a unique feature that will be pleasing to their customers.

White Jong Kong

This strain of Kratom is one of the smoothest and pleasant-tasting options available. The main attribute of this strain is it helps to enhance people’s moods. In addition to improving the mood of an individual, it also boasts that users will feel an increase in energy. Customers have been very pleased with the product’s ability to not be overpowering and allow a consistent balance between mood enhancement and increased energy levels. Of all the Kratom products, this is one of the more mild blends despite its ability to still deliver positive effects.

Green Jong Kong

This Kratom product is not considered to be overly potent, but it is still able to deliver results. The taste is not overwhelming and people have been able to feel the effects of a relaxing state after taking the product. If you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious over a situation, it is the ideal product for you. In addition to helping people mellow out, it has the ability to ease people’s pain. Again, it is not overwhelming, but people will be pleased with the results that they see.

Red Hulu

If you are looking for a potent option, Red Hulu is the Kratom product for you. Red Hulu is not fully advertised as being potent, but customers have unanimously agreed it certainly is strong. This strain helps to fight anxiety by handling some of the most difficult challenges throughout the day. People who feel down and depressed can also reap the rewards Red Hulu has to offer. Its mood-boosting capabilities can help people who are depressed and anxious to feel better about themselves. Clients that live by Red Hulu realize that higher doses of this strain are not necessary to receive the desired results. This helps to use the strain for a longer period of time.

White Hulu

White Hulu is your burst of sunshine you look for on a rainy day. The strain focuses on helping people feel happier throughout the day. Users receive a sense of euphoria and energy to change their overall outlook on life. White Hulu is a great starting point for people who are new to the Kratom world as there are fewer negative effects attached to this strain. People who are hooked on energy drinks will want to put the energy drinks away and replace them with White Hulu. White Hulu does not contain the nasty chemicals which can be harmful to your body as energy drinks do.

Red Pinoh

If you are looking for a milder option to choose from, look no further than Red Pinoh. It is an extremely unique strain, which makes it hard to compare it to the others. Whereas the other strains produce almost immediate effects, Red Pinoh takes a while before people will feel its effects kick in. But, when it does kick in, you’ll understand that it was worth being patient. Users can expect to feel a sense of relaxation while allowing you to feel energized at the same time. A unique blend of qualities to help you survive any daily challenge.

Green Pinoh

Ever wake up feeling in such a rotten mood and you don’t know why? You realize you need to shake the mood but it seems to linger throughout the entire day. Green Pinoh is a strain that can turn your mood around instantly. You will feel better about yourself and will be motivated to attack any tasks throughout the day with the energy and positivity that was lacking before taking Green Pinoh. This strain is recommended to be taken during the morning hours so that it will stay with you throughout the whole day. Green Pinoh will not give you a sense of relaxation, which is what you don’t need to get you through a busy day. 

How Legit is Acadia Kratom?

Acadia Kratom is not the best vendor in terms of Kratom. People have complained about their website and also want to see a larger selection of items sold. But, most users have been very pleased with the quality of the product, which is the most important aspect of taking Kratom. It is worth checking out and making a smaller purchase to see what you think before buying in large bulks.

Customer reviews remain positive today, especially in terms of quality and customer service. Customer service has been given praise for going above and beyond expectations to ensure their customers are happy. The powder products have tasted fine when capsules have not been available. 


Even though Acadia may not be one of the most well-known companies for selling Kratom, there have been very few negative reviews about their product and their service. Their prices are very reasonable, so it is worth giving them a try without having to spend a fortune. Hopefully, as the company continues to grow, they will be able to also expand their product line. But, with quality being the most essential component in how positive the results of your experience is, Acadia seems to deliver top quality strains to allow for maximum results.