The Best Kratom for Sleep to Buy in 2020

Best Strains Of Kratom For Sleep

Kratom is a Southeast Asian-grown herb that is increasing in popularity for what are the claims that it offers pain-relieving properties, mood enhancement, assists in opiate withdrawal, with other positive benefits being gradually recognized such as the idea that the plant has the potential to promote good sleep. It is being touted as having the ability to fight insomnia better than many medications on the market and, as it is all-natural, it is a preferred alternative.

Those who suffer from insomnia know too well the effects that the condition has on their day-to-day lives including drops in energy levels, increased mood swings, and lack of productivity. The manufacturers of Kratom insist that this will no longer be an issue with the ideal dose of this compound for each individual specific for their needs. It is claimed that it will not only alleviate the lack of sleep but assist with pain, uplift bad moods, and reduce anxiety.

If you’re just beginning with Kratom, it’s important to understand that different Kratom strains will provide a variety of effects on each person dependent on the vein colors. It is essential to learn what strains react better in the instance of insomnia in order to produce a good quality of sleep. Because of the popularity of Kratom, the market has been inundated with a large number of different strains causing confusion for people as to which strains are appropriate for sleep and relaxation. To make it somewhat simpler, it should be noted that the red vein strain is preferred for its sedating properties. The effect levels will vary based on what type of strain it is as well as the origin, so let’s break them down.

Red Vein Bali

Hybrid of the Sumatra and Borneo varieties, this strain’s alkaloid contents provide more potency than other strains. It offers an extremely strong sedating effect in comparison to the other varieties of red strains and reacts quickly with you being able to feel the sedating effect after only a few minutes of taking the Kratom. There is no adverse grogginess upon waking, making it one of the best options among all of the red varieties.

Dosage: The dose of this strain needs to stay at a minimum level; 1-2g a day will bring sleep.

Side effects: potential for headache/stomach issues if high dosed.


Red Vein Borneo

The Borneo strain comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei with the most popular exporter being Indonesia. This is a slow-acting variety with its sedating effects being moderate. This strain would be perfect for those who are new to Kratom.

Dosage: 2g is considered to be the recommended dosage for this strain which is said to last for up to 5 hours allowing you to consume another 2g if you choose once the effects are gone.

Side effects: It has the potential for nausea and a mild headache. It does not cause you to become sleepy or drowsy.

Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo

This strain might not be the right variety for a sensitive user as it offers the red Kratom which induces a sedative effect along with a white vein Kratom that provides energy boosts. This is something more experienced users would benefit from. The Ultra has a high alkaloid content. This product could be a blend of two different strains, two of the same strain, or there could be red and white Kratom. Other Ultra has the possibility of blending two types of red veins. It could result in two effects that are incompatible as we mentioned which is why it would not be suitable for the sensitive.

Dosage: Depends on the strains.

Side effects: There is the potential for unpleasant effects with the possibility of blending red and whites.

Red Vein Maeng Da

The leaves for this strain are harvested off of trees that grow wild in the forest and the effects that this Kratom produces last for a while but they also take a while to take effect making it an ideal option for those who are just beginning with Kratom. This strain is said to offer many benefits in the way of mood enhancement, sedation, analgesic effects, and there are some who indicate slight stimulation.

Dosage: Start small at 1-2g.

Side effects: The claim of slight stimulation overrides the sedating effect, and there have been indications of ‘anxiety attacks’ with this strain.

Bentuangie Red Vein

The Bentuangie is among the newest of the red vein varieties on the market being sourced from within the deepest jungles inside Indonesia. It is claimed to have a slow-acting yet long-lasting ‘concerning’ reaction. The sedative properties are mild but it is boasted for its ability to relax, alleviate stress, and decrease anxiety. It is noted that you should consume this product several hours prior to bedtime. It also provides analgesic properties with no adverse drowsiness. It can be used in combination with the Bali or Borneo strains.

Dosage: Begin with 1-2g.

Side effects: No reported side effects but sleep is not immediate with this strain.

Kali Red Vein

The consensus is that this is a less intense variety of the Bali being grown in Kalimantan regions boasted as ideal for relaxation as well as a relief for anxiety and sleep enhancement. The system breaks the red Kali components down longer than with the other varieties of red strains meaning it takes its time to be effective. The sedating effect is mild but they last longer than other strains. This variety is recommended for those new to Kratom. It is suggested to be used at night.

Dosage: The least dose can be as much as 5g since it is very mild and overdosing is not common.

Side effects: No reported side effects; but this strain is limited.

Hulu Kapuas Red Vein

The forests of Borneo are home to this strain which is touted as being relaxing and alleviating fatigue. The claims are that it will release tension in muscles, take away the pain, and provide mood enhancement despite the sedating effect. It will likely not put you to sleep right away, but once sleep takes ahold, it will be good quality. It is another strain perfect for beginners.

Dosage: Start at the typical 1-2g dosage.

Side effects: There are no reported side effects; this strain is also limited.

Riau Red Vein

The Riau Islands produce this strain within the Indonesian Archipelago. It is part Indo and Sumatra but it does not have the same calming effect as red Indo. The sedating effect is mild but there are reports that it boosts energy levels which is unusual as red strains tend to not fall into the energy-boosting category. It is touted as perfect for use as a muscle relaxant in the day with analgesic capabilities.

Dosage: 1-2g in the beginning.

Side effects: Noted to be somewhat stimulating if your goal is sleep.

Red vein Kratom is boasted as being the ideal solution to sleep disorders as it is claimed to relax the body’s muscles along with the mind. A strain that offers higher potency is going to act faster meaning you should select a variety with the highest alkaloid content if you want quick effects.

Generally, for dosing across the board you want to start small particularly if you’re new to Kratom. The minimum dose with the red vein strains is 2g. Once you see how you’re system reacts and your body adjusts to the compound, you can begin to bump it up until you reach your desired effect.


It seems that the Red Vein Bali offers the strongest sedation effect for those who may be suffering from insomnia or any other type of sleeping disorder. It provides fast-acting effects but the duration is short so that you don’t have to worry about having any type of adverse groggy effects when you wake up in the morning. This leaves you feeling fresh and ready to take on your work duties, allowing for clear thoughts and a productive day.

If you are a beginner, you won’t want to go with the strongest effect right out of the gate. You’ll want to try the mildest sedating effect at the smallest dosage until you see how Kratom effects you. The red strains with the mildest effects are Kali, Riau, Bentuangie, and Hulu Kapuas. These will give you a nice relaxing feeling after a long day at work, slowly take effect at putting you to sleep, and will give you a good night of rest.

Insomnia is fast becoming an epidemic in the fast-paced, hectic lifestyle that so many people have to carry. And if not insomnia some form of sleep disorder is plaguing so many people. Kratom, in the red vein variety, is being touted as a natural alternative to the pharmaceutical treatments for the sleep deprivation that are available on the market with claims that it carries few side effects and impressive results. As always make sure to do your homework in finding a reputable supplier and a pure product.