Blue River Wellness Review 2020: Should you buy here

An overview of Blue River Wellness

The popularity of Kratom continues to blossom and everyone wants a piece of the action. Companies are popping up all over the place trying to sell a healthier alternative to many common drugs. What becomes tricky, however, is knowing what companies truly produce the highest quality of Kratom. It is too easy to sell low-quality Kratom, which will lead to people believing that the product doesn’t work.

It only works when it is able to show off its full potential with the highest quality possible. Companies like Blue River Wellness understand the importance and need to produce quality strains of Kratom. It is their ability to deliver quality goods with some unique twists that make it one of the better Kratom companies around today.

Blue River Wellness is looking to make its name known in the Kratom business. Based out of Colorado, Blue River Wellness offers many unique botanicals and a yen to keep up with the stiff competition. Blue River Wellness is committed to taking care of its customers in the United States, so if you live outside of the country, their product will not be shipped to you. 

Blue River Wellness has developed a loyal customer base. The reason for that is because they have a great customer service program. They are very attentive to your needs and genuinely want to know how well the product worked for you. In addition to that, they have many products to offer and a very easy ordering system. Great products, friendly staff, and an easy ordering system will always keep people coming back for more.

What’s Available to Purchase at Blue River Wellness?

 As mentioned above, Blue River Wellness has a large selection of strains to offer to their customer base. Most people have reported the Blue River Wellness Maeng Da and Blue River Wellness Bali are their best products. And it shows as both strains are constantly ordered in bundles. People who take an interest in Kratom should not be surprised by these results. Maeng Da and Bali are popular strains for many companies.

Blue River Wellness goes above and beyond to stand out amongst its competitors. What makes them even more unique is that the word “Kratom” is not found anywhere on their website. All of their powders fall under the category of Mitra. They do this to help protect themselves and you.

They like to highlight some new and exciting products to attract more and more customers. One of their more unique blends is Tropic Blast. Their followers really love the juicy aroma, which is different from many other types of strains. People also gravitate towards their well known Blue River Wellness Bright Eyes blend. This gives customers the perfect blend of greens, reds, and whites all in one pouch.

Blue River Wellness takes a lot of pride in the varieties they are able to offer. When going through all the green vein strains, users can choose from Elephant Indo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Ultra Maeng Da, and Ultra Green Malay, Crushed Leaf.  The red vein strains offered include Red Vein Sumatra, Red Vein Thai, Ultra Premium Bali, and Ultra-Premium Bali, Crushed Leaf. 

Lastly, the white vein strain that is popular is White Vietnam. Two proprietary blends, The Bright Eyes Blend and Tropic Blast, are two of the more popular and unique blends they offer. It is the variety and quality of the product that encourages customers to keep coming back on a consistent basis.

The Price of the Blue River Wellness Strains

Blue River Wellness keeps up with the standards set forth by the industry in terms of pricing. An ounce of Mitra powder sells for $10.99. This is comparable to most other companies, but they fall short when it comes to bulk pricing.

For $175.99, you can purchase 32 ounces of a strain. This is an exceptionally high price point compared to other companies who usually fall between $100-$135. Blue River Wellness hasn’t budged on their pricing, so perhaps that price point is working well for them based on their product. 

When broken down even further, people will end up paying almost double the price for what most people pay for a kilo, which is still less than a full kilo. Blue River Wellness does stock CBD products, but they are a lot more expensive than its competitors. If the product is good enough, people won’t mind paying the extra money.

It is important to note, however, that they treat their customers with great respect. Loyal customers are provided with a rewards program that frequently showcases many promotional codes. Their social media accounts are constantly updated and show some of the promotions they have going on. 

The Good and the Bad of Blue River Wellness

As far as the pros and cons are concerned, there should be no surprise where some of these items fall because of what was mentioned above. The good that is offered is really good. The product itself is great, which is something not all companies can say. When dealing with this type of market, anything less than high quality won’t cut it. Blue River Wellness really comes through with its dynamic products. They also offer a quality Mitragyna speciosa powder that not many other companies can offer. Again, everything is quality from top to bottom.

One of the biggest negatives is its pricing. Even though the quality is outstanding, it is very expensive and could be a burden on people. When ordering smaller quantities, customers can expect prices similar to other competitors. But, when you want to order bulk, you are going to pay well beyond what other companies sell larger quantities for. 

The Blue River Wellness website has also been another gripe that people have had. They complain that it loads too slowly and offers limited payment options. People do not want to wait around to let the website load, especially with how busy people are these days. Many competitors offer a wide variety of payment options, which people appreciate. These negatives are really minor when you compare how outstanding their product line is.

Blue River Wellness Customer Reviews

Blue River Wellness has drawn a loyal customer base. Many people who have made purchases have come back to make more. The fact that the company has been around a while and really shows a caring nature towards its customers make them very popular. Blue River Wellness also donates a large chunk of money to keep Kratom legal in as many places as possible. They see the benefits that it provides to people and want to make sure people get the help they deserve. Most of their customers have commented that Blue River Wellness is the best company to purchase from.

Blue River Wellness Website

Many people found the website to be slow, but my experience with the website was favorable. They do a nice job of breaking down the different components of the site and make it easy to navigate around. Some components of the website are still a work in progress. They state on their website that they are committed to focusing on customer service and logistics. Blue River Wellness also promotes the fact that its products are of the highest quality possible. 

Each of the strains shows a price range but customers will not really get any product information when you click on it. They mention that the products have not been evaluated by the FDA and that it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They also highlight the fact that they cannot ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Wisconsin.

The company usually ships within a day or two, so customers can receive their products in a very timely fashion. This is a big bonus for people who are in pain and don’t want to wait to feel relief. Blue River Wellness also has an abundant supply so customers will not have to worry about backorders.

Blue River Wellness Overall Recommendation

Blue River Wellness does not have any negatives attached to the company. The product line is outstanding and they think outside the box with some of their strains. Customers are treated to a wide variety of options and never have to worry about receiving a low-grade strain. Their pricing has raised some eyebrows, but sometimes with the best quality comes the highest price.

What really made them stand out as a quality company is how much they care about the product. It is not legal in every state, but they continue to donate money to make it as legal as possible around the country. They know how it can really benefit people. The country has an opioid crisis and this is one safe way to stop it. People need to get on board with the positives that companies like Blue River Wellness are doing to help people who need it the most.