Canopy Kratom: Is this a legit kratom supplier?

Canopy Kratom Review

With so many different options out there on the market today to purchase kratom from, finding the right one for your specific needs – and one that you can trust to offer only the highest quality kratom available – is a lot more challenging than a lot of people realize initially.

Kratom is seeing its popularity skyrocket over the last few years. This has led to a major uptick in vendors offering kratom products, as well as to a major uptick in vendors looking to capitalize on this market without offering high-quality options at competitive prices.

That won’t be a problem when you shop at Canopy Kratom.

canopy kratom

Based out of North Carolina, Canopy Kratom offers some of the highest quality kratom options – in a myriad of different forms – at very competitive prices while sourcing their kratom from only the best cultivars and harvesters throughout Southeast Asia.

There’s a reason why so many people consider Canopy Kratom to be one of the best (if not the best) kratom vendors in the United States today. This is a business that puts its customers first while continuing to innovate and offer new products on an almost monthly basis.

To learn a little bit more about everything that Canopy Kratom has to offer we have put together this quick guide!

General Overview

The first thing that helps to separate Canopy Kratom from the rest of the pack has to be the fact that they offer so many different products utilizing kratom, far more than almost any other vendor in the United States (and vendors operating internationally, too).

A couple of years ago Canopy Kratom rebranded themselves from Canopy Kratom to Canopy Kratom Botanicals because of the wealth of options that they make available in their product catalog. The overwhelming majority of solutions they continue to sell today utilize kratom as a backbone ingredient, but most of them use a variety of other 100% all-natural herbs and medicines as well.

Not only are you going to find a whole bunch of different kratom options to pick and choose from (including kratom extract, kratom tinctures, kratom powder, etc.) but you’re also going to find 22 different individual strains of kratom available from this vendor as well.

Yes, you are reading that correctly – 22 individual strains of kratom are available directly through Canopy Kratom today (with more on the way).

Incredibly, all 22 of these individual strains can be purchased in traditional 25 g quantities but you can also bulk things up quite a bit to 1000 g (a kilo) or more to trigger significant discounts. That’s something that we dig a little bit deeper into in just a moment, though.

You certainly aren’t going to want for choices when you find yourself browsing the Canopy Kratom platform online, that’s for sure.


Kratom Quality

In the early days of Canopy Kratom, the quality of the kratom products they produced could be classified as a little bit hit or miss – though it was more frequently a hit than a mess – things have changed quite a bit from the beginning of this business.

Today, Canopy Kratom is a purveyor of some of the highest quality kratom options available. They really worked to find only the best harvesters and cultivars of kratom throughout Southeast Asia (and a handful of other places throughout the world), working with farmers and production companies that produce nothing but the highest quality kratom options available.

It may have taken a little bit of time to work the kinks out of this supply chain, but for the last couple of years, this company has been hitting home runs left and right. It sure feels like they have everything under control, providing top-tier kratom in all of their products – and working with a lot of transparency so that you know exactly what you are ordering, too.

You see, Canopy Kratom wants you to know exactly what you are getting when you place an order with them.

They have each batch of kratom independently tested and lab-verified but they also provide this information on the packages of kratom that they send out. This gives you an inside look at every detail of the kratom that you have ordered, helping you to better understand the strain, the strength, and the potency of the product that you have purchased (as well as the quality of the kratom itself overall).

A lot of companies in the industry today are taking this kind of approach but Canopy Kratom was one of the early adopters. It’s obvious they want their customers to be totally confident in their purchase and this definitely goes a long way towards helping with that.


Though we would not go as far as calling Canopy Kratom the least expensive kratom vendor on the planet today we are comfortable telling you that these are some of the lowest prices available – especially for reputable vendors based out of the United States.

Kratom prices regularly get as low as $3.50 per 25 g of kratom, making that one of the lowest prices you’ll find in the United States (as well as throughout Europe and anywhere outside of Southeast Asia, really). This is for 100% organic, high-quality kratom – 22 different strains of it, too!

As we highlighted above you can also trigger significant discounts by ordering bigger, bulk style quantities. Purchase a kilo of kratom directly from the Canopy Kratom vendor and you’ll be looking at major price savings compared to ordering smaller 25 g orders all the time.

On top of that, Canopy Kratom also frequently runs promotional deals and discounts that make ordering from this vendor an even smarter decision. Free shipping is regularly made available on orders of $25 or more (with delivery to addresses in the continental United States).

Oftentimes you’ll also find 10% off discount codes sent out to email newsletter subscribers, with daily sales and promotional deals advertise directly on the homepage of the Canopy Kratom vendor website.

Best of all, most of these promotions “stack” on top of one another. You can usually apply 10% off (or greater) discount codes with free shipping and bulk quantity discounts. You don’t really have to use your imagination to see just how much money that might save you on future orders.

Customer Service

The last thing you want to do is get tangled up with a company selling kratom that isn’t going to answer your questions, isn’t going to be responsive, and isn’t going to treat you as a real person as opposed to another invoice number and a sale that they are trying to make.

These won’t be issues with the folks at Canopy Kratom.

The overwhelming majority of online reviews for Canopy Kratom show time and time again that this vendor has some of the best customer service and support in the industry. Not only do real customers of Canopy Kratom share that their experiences were glowingly positive, but they also report that email customer service is lightning fast and highly responsive with phone support and online chat support options available as well.

The company also has a very friendly return policy, an active presence on social media (including Twitter), and it isn’t at all that uncommon for the company owner Alan to get back to you with answers to the questions or comments that you shared through the customer service line.

That’s a pretty big deal, particularly when so many other online kratom vendors kind of feel like faceless entities more often than not.


All in all, Canopy Kratom has a pretty solid reputation throughout the kratom industry.

As we made mention of a little bit earlier, the bulk of the reviews you’ll find online regarding Canopy Kratom are pretty positive. People like doing business with this organization, appreciate the ease of ordering through the website that they have set up, and really like the lightning-fast (and often completely free) shipping options – especially for customers in the United States.

The first 12 months or so for Canopy Kratom were a little bit rocky (as acknowledged a while ago in this review) but these bugs have been ironed out for a couple of years now. This is now one of the most established kratom vendors available, a company that offers quality products at very affordable prices, and a company that continues to build and expand on the things that they already do well.

With a lot of different kratom vendors out there to choose from you want to make sure that your hard-earned money is going to the right place. You need to know that you are getting a quality product at a fair price and you need to know that you are doing business with the company that will not cut corners to cut costs.

Canopy Kratom has already established itself as one of the better vendors in this industry. They have a deep product lineup, great prices, fantastic promotions, and solid customer service and support. Their reputation is already very favorable and grows more positive every day.

It’s hard to imagine anyone having regrets ordering kratom from the folks at Canopy Kratom.