Gold Bali Kratom Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s

The history of Gold Bali Kratom

Kratom is building in popularity throughout the world. Kratom comes from a tree that grows in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. What caught the attention of the natives was the leaves that thrived off of the Kratom trees. They noticed they could be used for medicinal and recreational reasons. Doctors have been fascinated by the fact that some of the substances in Kratom have the power to attach themselves to the same nerve cells that opioid painkillers do. Kratom has the same effect on the brain that opioids do, which could change the world forever.

There are many forms of Kratom for consumers to choose from these days, which can make it very confusing to understand which ones work best for us. One of the most famous Kratom strains in the world is Gold Bali Kratom. Unlike other Kratom strains, Gold Bali is considered a premium product and is not as widely available as some of the strains. Manufacturers noticed the demand for Gold Bali and have been working to increase their supply with a decrease in price. 

gold bali kratom

Gold Bali’s origin comes from red vein strains. But, unlike those strains, Gold Bali undergoes a more extensive drying process, which would explain why the color changed from red to gold. People are concerned, however, with the fact that the drying process could harm the alkaloids that are present. Research showed that this drying process does not make the strain useless. It helps to boost the strain’s potency in delivering a variety of different health benefits.

Benefits of Gold Bali Kratom

There are many benefits to Gold Bali Kratom, which is why people actively seek it out. Compared to many other Kratom strains, Gold Bali offers some unique effects that people find very useful.

Ability to Help Pain

One of the best strains of painkilling effects can be found in Gold Bali Kratom. Many people even believe that it is more potent than over the counter drugs. If that is the case, this could revolutionize the way that our world attacks painkillers. Ridding the world of pharmaceutical-grade drugs and replacing them with an organic remedy can help to eliminate the dependency that follows those who become addicted to the medicine.

Many people with chronic conditions have greatly benefited from using Gold Bali Kratom. It helps to numb the pain quickly to offer immediate relief to people who are suffering. People need to realize that when Gold Bali Kratom is taken in high doses, it can change from a pain killer to a sedative. 

It is essential to follow the recommended dosage to ensure that you are receiving accurate results. And any painkilling effects will not be felt if you are not using the absolute highest quality Kratom. Any compromise in quality will lead to zero results.


Boosting Appetite

For many people, when it comes to eating habits, it can be a struggle. Gold Bali can help people to turn their eating habits around. This has been especially helpful for people who have a low appetite because it can boost how much food they consume and encourage them to eat on a more frequent basis. 

With so many medications today, people’s appetites are easily affected by this. Gold Bali Kratom has been beneficial to people who struggle with their appetite due to medications that they take. It is certainly something to look into if you feel as though you fall into this category.

Anxiety Relief

With such a stressful world, people are consistently dealing with high levels of anxiety. It affects their day to day functions and prevents many from ever reaching their full potential. This strain is so potent that it can help you relax almost immediately and before at an above-normal level. Gold Bali Kratom should be one of your go-to items if you feel the effects of anxiety throughout your busy life.

Energy Booster

Many times people who struggle with anxiety also struggle with a boost of energy. When you don’t feel like yourself, you don’t know how to gather up the courage and strength to move on with your day. This leads to feeling lethargic and decreasing any work production you may have had. Taking Gold Bali Kratom can help this in a way. It has mild stimulant effects that can fire you up and boost those energy levels. College students love to take the Gold Bali Kratom strain to help them study and perform better in school.

Boosting of Mental Performance

This strain of Kratom has been linked to tremendous brain-enhancing capabilities that a lot of other organic compounds cannot match. People typically will turn to pharmaceutical drugs to help increase their mental performance, but the dangers that can follow after prolonged usage is problematic. Gold Bali will help to stimulate your brain into performing at its highest level possible without having you feel addicted to the strain.

It can do this by increasing the blood flow in different parts of the body, including the brain. When blood flow is improved, the brain will receive more oxygen and nutrients to function at a more optimal level. Decision making and thinking capacity will become very noticeable to the user, and they will see the world in a whole new light.

Side Effects

When people stick to the recommended dosages and follow the routines expected, no side effects tend to slow people down. When people mess around with the dosage totals, it can lead to big problems. Let’s take a look at some of the side effects that can be found from taking Gold Bali Kratom.

High Sensitivity

People who end up taking higher doses of other Kratom strains, they may want to consider avoiding Gold Bali. Gold Bali is regarded as the most sensitive of all the Kratoms available. With that being said, the appropriate dosage amounts must be consistently taken. If not, you could be looking at some balance issues, which can hit at any moment. If this happens while driving or using heavy machinery, the results could be deadly. 

It is essential to ease your body into taking this Kratom. By doing so, you allow your body to talk to you about how it is feeling. Nobody understands their body better than you do, so pay attention to any signs that it is giving you. Start very slow when taking Gold Bali Kratom and let your body adjust to this potent strain.

Upset Stomach

It is not uncommon that people may develop an upset stomach when taking Gold Bali Kratom. The chances of this happening increase as you increase the doses that you take. Overdosing on this Kratom can lead to nausea and an upset stomach. Eat proper nutrients and drink plenty of water to keep your body feeling healthy as you experiment with this strain.

All in all, these are relatively minor side effects but can cause you to not feel at all like yourself when you have messed around with the dosage amount. You should reduce the dosage immediately if you experience any of these side effects and should contact a physician. If you are a brand new user and are experiencing some of the side effects while taking the recommended dosage, allow your body a few days to adjust to the new substance.


Dosages can vary based on the person who is taking them and what the intended results may be. It will take some experimentation early on to determine what dosages work best for you. But, without a doubt, starting low is the way to go.

People who are new to the whole Kratom world should not exceed 1.5 grams. People will experience some mild effects, but the low dosage will be an excellent introduction to your body. After a few days of use, people can up their dosage amounts to 2-2.5 grams. 

Standard users will be looking at 2.5 to 4 grams. These amounts are high enough to help feel the desired effects and where most people will end up staying once they get used to taking the strain consistently.

Experienced users can increase their dosage up to 6 grams. This is a very high dose and opens the door for the possibility of the side effects discussed above. It is not recommended that users go above this amount. The results will be strong enough that there would be no reason to push the limits.

In Conclusion

Red Bali Kratom is one of the most popular strains of Kratom, so it is no surprise that since Gold Bali comes from that strain, it would be considered one of the best as well. People will find the strain potent and beneficial. For the strain to be effective, people must follow the dosage guidelines. Overdosing will lead to adverse reactions that your body doesn’t need to go through. It will ruin your Kratom experience forever. But, when taken correctly, people will be amazed at how different they feel about their lives and overall well-being. Gold Bali Kratom is something you should check out.