How To Use Kratom Properly in 2020

How To Use Kratom the right way

Despite the fact that you have perhaps only just heard of kratom recently, it has in fact been in existence and use for centuries. The benefits that have been touted with kratom use is a long, impressive list. At the same time, this potential wonder drug has drawn criticism from some. In order to best decide if kratom will be a good fit for your needs, you will want to take a closer look at such subjects as benefits and potential drawbacks.

The more you learn about the potential benefits of kratom, the easier it will be to appreciate a subject as how to use kratom. As you can perhaps imagine, proper kratom usage is vital. Regardless of the kratom products you ultimately purchase, it is necessary to follow all associated directions to the letter.

To begin with, the biological name for kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa. As you learn more about everything kratom can potentially do, it begins to make sense that this tropic evergreen tree is, in fact, a member of the coffee family. Rubiaceae is the name of the family itself.

Furthermore, although you may be a newcomer to all things kratom, remember that this tree and its potent leaves have been staples of medicine for generations. In fact, there are examples of its usage throughout the history of ancient medicines. These examples can be found among the working class of such locations as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and a number of other locations throughout the past several centuries. There are several countries throughout Southeast Asia that have been using kratom for one reason or another.

Around the time of the 19th century, kratom became an intriguing alternative to opium. Indeed, as many countries throughout the world experience varying forms of an opioid crisis, kratom is being explored as a means of weaning individuals away from far more dangerous opioids. At the same time, kratom has also gained prominence in the media and elsewhere for being an effective pain-reliever, among other potential benefits we will explore shortly.

On top of all of this, kratom is also becoming quite popular from a recreational standpoint. Some users have reported interesting experiences when combining kratom with things like alcohol, for example. For the time being, we are going to focus largely on how to use kratom, as well as the benefits and possible side effects to be aware of.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those possible benefits.


One of the most popular kratom benefits to keep in mind concerns how quickly it works. While the experience can vary from one individual to the next, many users report kratom beginning to work in as few as ten to fifteen minutes. Even better, the effects of kratom have an average lifespan of five or so hours. This makes kratom extremely potent. This is something you will naturally want to keep in mind with kratom dosages and similar topics.

The potential benefits continue. There are several different strains out there, with varying degrees of potency and so forth. Specific strains include such names as Green Malay, Green Thai, Red Horn, and Red Bali. Regardless of your body type, as well as how you generally respond to drugs, there is a good chance that you can find a kratom strain to meet your needs and interests.

In modern times, kratom has become extremely popular for its three biggest benefits. The most significant is perhaps its use as a pain-reliever. This is also why kratom is being used by some as a substitute for opioids. With kratom, you are getting something very similar to what you get with opioids as a means of relieving pain. However, the risks associated with responsible kratom use is quite minor. This is particularly true when compared to opioids.

Kratom has also become well-liked for what certain strains can do as a stimulant. This is also interesting when you consider that some kratom strains are highly valued for their sedation qualities. To reiterate an earlier point, there are different strains for different needs. Make sure to research your options carefully, in order to produce your ideal results.

Here are a few more kratom benefits to consider:

  • Diarrhea Treatment: This is a reference to one of the oldest-known benefits of this drug. Many of the examples of kratom use in ancient medicine include its anti-diarrheal qualities. In lower dosages, it is believed that kratom can slow down peristalsis. This means it can slow down the movement of muscles within your gut.
  • Immunity: Some of the alkaloids found in kratom have been noted in studies and elsewhere for their ability to benefit the human immune system. Isoptreropodine is one such alkaloid that has been mentioned.
  • Inflammation: Once again, due to the alkaloids (thirty in all) that can be found in kratom, we are also talking about something that can work wonders as an anti-inflammation agent.
  • Sex drive: Believe it or not, but certain strains of kratom have been celebrated for a very long time as being able to improve the libidos of both men and women. It is likely that kratom can enhance one’s sex drive simply because it works so intensely and so well with your blood circulation, your brain, and your muscles.
  • Diabetes: This particular benefit still needs a good deal more research. Nonetheless, it is believed that because kratom can be used as a powerful stress and pain reliever, this, in turn, can help with one’s blood/glucose levels. This, in turn, can potentially help an individual to manage their diabetes. Again, this is something that has not been fully explored.

While we have covered an impressive array of benefits, there is a good deal more to the drug that should be taken to heart. This includes the possibility of kratom side effects.

Side Effects

As we discussed earlier in this article, the side effects of kratom are considered to be quite minor, when taken as a whole. This is certainly true when the drug is compared to more serious, potentially-damaging drugs that offer the same potential benefits, but with a considerably higher risk for adverse consequences.

At the same time, having even a couple of possible side effects still means that there are indeed drawbacks one should keep in mind. This also gives us the chance to touch on kratom overdose deaths.

Arguably, the most notable side effect of using kratom comes down to what happens if you use kratom in large doses for a prolonged period of time, and then stop using it altogether. This obviously refers to withdrawal. Depending upon how much kratom you were taking, as well as for how long you were taking it, the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. These symptoms include anxiety and depression. These symptoms can lead to what can feel like an uncomfortable physical change, as well. In more severe cases, some have compared it to the same symptoms one experiences during opioid withdrawal. However, such instances are rare. As we mentioned before, the severity of kratom withdrawal is largely tied to how much you use, and for how long.

This thought also applies to the possibility of kratom overdose. While such overdoses have occurred, the individuals in question were taking other drugs. While some have explored combining kratom with things such as alcohol, it is important for any individual taking kratom, to begin with low doses and short windows of active use. This is something we can discuss in greater detail in the next paragraph.

Dosage (How To Take Kratom)

Throughout history, kratom was frequently brewed as a tea. This would use the leaves. It makes sense, given that kratom is part of the coffee family.

However, while one can consume kratom in this form, it is most commonly taken in this day and age in a powdered form. This powder can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can be taken using the “Toss and Wash” method. It can also be added to various hot beverages, yogurts, and even protein shakes. Some prefer to take it in a protein shake form to enhance their workout.

On the subject of how to take kratom, where it concerns dosages, things can get a little confusing. The truth of the matter is that you may have to experiment with dosages a little. Remember that different people react to this drug differently. This includes how your body can respond to a beginner dosage, which can fall anywhere between two or three grams. Some believe you can go as high as five grams, as this is believed to be the point in which kratom “kicks in.”

Our advice? Start in the 2g to 3g range, simply in terms of seeing how your body responds. If you do not experience nausea or anything else along those lines, you should be fine to up your dosage a little more. You should also make it a point to stay hydrated, while also having an empty stomach.


Kratom certainly has a lot to offer. If you are curious about trying it, you will find ample resources with which to do that.