A Look At Kratom Extract Vs Powder: The Complete Guide

A Look At Kratom Extract Vs Powder

If you are new to kratom it is quite possible that you must have some knowledge about this plant-based product. Only then will you be able to understand the comparison or kratom extract vs powder. While some sellers might pitch for powder, there could be others who could talk about the benefit of kratom extracts. There is no denying the fact that both kratom powder, as well as extracts, have its own pluses and minuses. We will talk about this but before that, we will have a closer look at kratom and understand the basics of it so that the readers are able to link things together and are able to make sense out of this article. The ratio of using the products, dosage and other such things also needs to be taken into account so that the best possible results are available when the products are actually used.

What Is Kratom?

We need to have some basic understanding of kratom and only then we can move ahead in this subject matter. Kratom is the commonly understood name for the scientific product called Mitragyna speciosa. This basically is a tropical product found in large parts of southeast Asia. For centuries, the people of this reason have used kratom as a medicinal plant in one form or another. The use of this herbal product has gone through changes because of the various strains, forms, and variants. It is also being now used in the USA and other countries. However, we should be aware of the fact that FDA has still not considered this product to be fully safe. Further, it also has not been evaluated for treatment, prevention, and cure of any type of medical conditions, illnesses, and diseases. Not too much of the study also has been made on the extract and powder forms. Therefore, it would be difficult to get the right kind of information about the effectiveness of kratom, its safety, and its tolerance levels for long term use and other such things. In spite of scientific and research-based back-up, the product has been used for many years now in the USA and in other countries. Let us now get into the actual subject of kratom powder vs extract comparison.


What is Kratom Extract?

As the name suggests, kratom extract is from kratom. However, it is mostly extracted from the kratom powder. It also can be extracted from whole leaves. The main objective of extraction is to ensure that the desired alkalines are taken out of the plant material. This is not a big science and anybody can do it. It is done by boiling the powder or the plant material. When it is boiled you have a tea-like solution. This is then strained to remove the particulate and the solids. The liquid is then simmered down and this leads to evaporation of water. This leads to concentration sedimentation of alkaloids and what you have after complete evaporation is a dark paste. The paste is then dried and made into a hard sheet or clumps. These are then again ground and are taken in the form of extract powder. Many also convert it into capsules and there are capsule makers that will make it possible to do it in your home.

How To Identify Kratom Extract Vs Powder

For a new user of kratom identifying and getting to know more about kratom extract vs powder could be a tough task. Hence, it makes all the more sense to buy kratom from a reliable source that has the right labeling, the right composition detail, the test reports and other such useful pieces of information. We need to understand that both powder and extract are rendered down to powders that are fine and even ultrafine. Further, extracts may have an aroma that is a bit stronger and even pungent, when compared to powders. However, this may not be the case always. The aroma could be stronger because of the concentration and presence of alkalines.

Understanding Ratios

Many of us ask the question as to why anyone should choose extracts over powder when the end product is the same. Extracts are often sold with a ratio and it could be 2:1 or even 2x. We need to understand this. It actually means that the rendering of the extract led to a product that is almost twice strong when compared to the powder because of various active ingredients. Hence, with extracts, a lower dosage will work when compared to powders.

It is Still Not Approved

We also need to understand that whether it is powder or extract, they do not have the approval of the FDA. They continue to be unapproved and unevaluated substances as per the FDA. Hence, this should always be kept in mind and necessary caution and care should be exercised when using the product. The other ingredients that are often added to powder and extracts also need to be carefully evaluated and monitored. This could lead to some contraindication and this could impact the safety and well being of the product. The extra bulk of powder could become difficult to ingest and could also cause stomach and other problems. Extracts are highly concentrated and if they are not taken in the right dosage, there is a risk of overdosing and this could lead to side effects and various other problems. Hence, there are a number of things that must be kept in mind while consuming both powder and extracts.

The Final Word

To sum up, both powder and extract have the same function and it is about personal preferences, tastes likes and dislikes that should be the deciding factor. It would be a good idea to use powders or extracts from the same supplier instead of choosing two or more suppliers. This will help to maintain uniformity and you will be sure that you are using the same strain and the same raw materials. All this being said and done, there is one thing clear about kratom. Whether it is powder or extract, it continues to remain popular even though the FDA and other authorities have to give it their seal of approval.