Knowing More About Kratom Plants And Kratom Seeds in 2020

What you should know about Kratom Plants And Kratom Seeds

Kratom is a much sought after and commonly used herb that is found in almost all the tropical forests of Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and surrounding areas. It is an herb that belongs to the coffee plant, Mitragyna Speciosa. However, like all other plants and trees, it needs the right climate, the right soil and other conditions to grow properly. It needs the right amount of water, air, and other such ingredients. The plant is famous because it has been used for generations and for hundreds of years by the locals in the above three countries and also a few other countries. It is supposed to have some very powerful medicinal properties and could be helpful in increasing energy, improving concentration and also for helping insomnia.

Further, it also is being used regularly for fighting chronic pain when NSAIDs and other painkillers offer only temporary solutions. In such situations, it is only quite natural that you will find the various forms and types of kratom to be quite useful. However, the question that often comes to our mind is whether we can grow kratom plants in our homes? The answer is yes and no. It is theoretically possible but practically difficult to do it. Let us try and get some answers to the question of whether we can grow it in an environment that is not as favorable as Southeast Asia.

Quality Matters

While it may be possible to grow kratom with the help of the right kratom seeds in your home, you must be aware of the quality that you eventually get. Quality certainly matters a lot therefore it is important to use the growing techniques and seeds to make sure that quality end products are available at the end of the process. The freshness and quality of the kratom will at the end of the day be determined by the freshness of the seeds and the growing technique that is being used. We need to understand a few things to have a better grasp of the subject. When we look at each kratom pod head, we will find that it comes with 50 seeds, approximately. However, these many numbers of seeds will be available only when you choose the right quality and type of kratom plants and seeds. One way could be to buy kratom seeds in bulk because it will ensure better survival rates in climatic conditions that are not exactly conducive and favorable. Otherwise, you will end up spending money on seeds every now and then.

Is It Legal To Grow Kratom?

There are different laws governing kratom in different provinces and states of this country. The US State laws may not be in resonance with the federal laws. Hence, these points need to be kept in mind when it comes to understanding whether it is legal to grow kratom. While some states allow its consumption and use, there are others that have imposed a complete or partial ban on the plant. The issue is that while the laws look at kratom only from the legal perspective, not much is talked about as far as the process of growing it is concerned. We need to understand that it is almost impossible to grow kratom in the conditions that exist in the country. It is a tree and not a plant as we often make it out to be. It grows significantly on the size and therefore needs adequate space and the right conditions for regular and consistent growth. Hence, before growing kratom in your home or your backyard, first, check the legal status of the plant in your area. After having done so, please look at the conditions and environment under which it is being grown. If it is not there, please try and create the conditions as best as you can and only then will the tree will be able to grow properly.

It Does Involve Lot Of Work

The problem with growing kratom in the USA is that it has to be grown indoors in most cases. This is because kratom plants and trees need light and shade at the same time. Therefore, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia it is grown in places there is plenty of sunshine coupled with shades from other trees and plants. If you wish to grow it in your home or backyard, you may have to invest in artificial light and this could be in the form of bulbs. Further, you also may have to arrange for soil that is rich in nitrogen so that it grows efficiently. You also should ensure that the plants have a good drainage system to that it could prevent the growth of fungus. Further, the plants should also have the best of the drainage system so that it can help in the harmful growth of fungus. The temperature should be warm and they should be protected from cold weather. If you are able to create the right greenhouse effects and can help trap temperature, it will work even better. However, there is no doubt that it will have to be under close watch so that the best possible natural conditions are created.

It Takes Time To Grow

As mentioned earlier, kratom is a big tree and it can grow up to 20 feet. Hence, it would be wrong to grow it inside homes or in your terraces. It needs the right atmosphere to grow and this should never be lost sight of. You can perhaps use cuttings of the tree to grow the tree. Any portion of the tree that breaks off has the potential to become a full tree provided it is taken care of properly. In fact, many believe that this is an easy way to grow kratom rather than trying other ways out. However, please make sure that your cuttings are taken care of properly and are given the right nutrition, soil, sunlight, water and other things that are required.


To sum up, there is no doubt that kratom can be grown in this country provided we know how to go about it and take things in the right direction.