Kratom Potentiators: how to make kratom more potent in 2020

An introduction to Kratom Potentiators

Ever since 2000 or so kratom interest has spiked to levels never before seen.

Sure, kratom has always been incredibly popular throughout Southeast Asia (so popular that some governments in this part of the world have banned kratom entirely even though it’s been used for centuries there) but it never really caught on around the rest of the world until about 20 years ago.

In the last 10 years, interest and excitement about kratom have risen even more so, with millions of people beginning to experiment with everything that this plant (a cousin to coffee) has to offer both medicinally and recreationally.

kratom potentiators

This is why it shouldn’t surprise folks to learn that there have been some big breakthroughs in learning how to make kratom even more powerful and even more potent than it is on its own.

It turns out that some people have experimented with kratom potentiators to supercharge the results they can get from this all-natural pain reliever to great effect.

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about how you can ramp up the results you can expect from high-quality kratom you’ve purchased already (or are thinking about ordering) – increasing the payload of benefits you can enjoy while improving the duration and potency of the kratom effects along the way – you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get right into it!

What Are Kratom Potentiators?

A great way to describe kratom potentiators is that they basically “spice things up” – pushing the biochemical reactions this all-natural plant causes throughout the body to even higher levels, ramping up its potency, it’s bioavailability and its duration in the body to heights that it wouldn’t have been able to reach all on its own.

Now, when kratom potentiators really started to get talked about online a couple of years ago people were understandably pretty skeptical about whether or not this was a legitimate approach to getting more out of this herb.

After all, as we highlighted a little bit earlier people have been using kratom for centuries and you have to imagine that they would have figured out how to make the most of all it has to offer already over the last few hundred years.

It turns out that there really was more to discover when it comes to kratom, especially when you combine it with potentiators.

These potentiators are able to chain with kratom, ramping up its effectiveness and its payload, and making it a lot more potent than it would have been alone. This isn’t at all dissimilar to the way that alcohol ramps up the effectiveness and the potency of traditional medications which is why you are recommended NOT to mix the two for fear of making the medications too powerful.


Can Kratom Potentiators Really Make Kratom More Potent?

Even with this news plenty of people remains a little bit skeptical about ruining high-quality kratom by mixing it with potential potentiators that may or may not have been able to do anything other than ruin an otherwise fantastic purchase.

We can tell you, though, that legitimate potentiators exist, they definitely ramp up the results you’ll get out of high-quality kratom, and while your body and your unique biochemistry will determine how you respond to these potentiators working in conjunction with kratom there’s absolutely no debate that you’ll notice some serious changes to the way that kratom works on you when paired with these substances.

These other ingredients not only impact the potency of kratom (particularly high-quality kratom that is already quite potent on its own) but they also extend the duration of the results you’ll get from kratom, too.

It isn’t at all uncommon to stretch this out four or five hours beyond what a traditional dosage of kratom would have done for you with the right potentiators.

What About Freezing Kratom, Does That Work?

Before we dig into some of the most common (and proven to be effective) potentiators it’s important to dispel this myth ASAP.

A couple of years ago people online were very excited to share with others that kratom could be frozen to increase its bioavailability, its effectiveness, and its duration just the same way that you could with more traditional potentiators.

We can tell you conclusively (and without reservation) that freezing your kratom alone isn’t going to do anything whatsoever other than simply make your kratom cold and potentially cause it to break down if left frozen for extended amounts of time.

You can certainly freeze kratom with potentiators, though, and trigger something called cellular lysis. This is where the alkaloids contained within kratom are extracted out of the kratom itself and then transferred into the liquid potentiator. The process requires you to then thaw the entire mixture and then separate the two substances from one another. This leaves you with a supercharged liquid filled with all the “good stuff” kratom has to offer.

This process is obviously pretty labor-intensive and easy to screw up which is why it’s not advised, at least not when you can use the potentiators below to get better results far faster (and with less work.

Tips and Tricks for Making Kratom More Potent

If you want to try out ramping up the power and potency of kratom all on your own with the help of kratom potentiators, we have included six different options below that have been conclusively proven to work wonders already.

Try all of them out whenever you have an opportunity to see which one works best with your unique biochemistry, as some are certainly going to work better than others in your specific situation.

Let’s dig right in!

Use Grapefruit Juice

Almost universally regarded as the very best kratom potentiator you can get your hands on, the acidity level and grapefruit juice allow it to create cellular lysis all on its own – pulling out the alkaloids contained within kratom and really concentrating them in a unique little extract that takes kratom to the next level.

Interestingly enough, this approach also makes the alkaloids contained within kratom more bioavailable. This means they are digested and absorbed into your bloodstream at a much faster rate than they would have been otherwise, extending out the duration and the potency of kratom all at the same time.

Try Watercress

Another popular option for some people looking to take advantage of a kratom potentiator is mixing high-quality powder or capsule kratom with watercress.

Most of the research in this department is anecdotal, but there is such a flood of it online that it’s almost impossible to ignore – making it one of the most popular potentiators out there right now, ranking right up there with grapefruit juice.

The more neutral flavor of watercress certainly helps its popularity quite a bit, particularly for folks that just can’t get excited about drinking a glass of grapefruit juice with their kratom.

Turmeric Works Wonders

Turmeric is a nonliquid potentiator that people swear by worldwide, finding it to be one of the better potentiators money can buy especially thanks to its overall affordability and accessibility around the world.

Turmeric does, however, have a very obvious and very distinct smell and flavor all its own that may or may not make it an attractive option for some people. What cannot be argued, however, is the fact that it flat out works and can supercharge high-quality kratom when the two compounds have been mixed together and then consumed.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that turmeric also has a host of other health-boosting properties (like antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) that will improve your overall health and wellness at the same time.

Chamomile Tea Is Good, Too

Strong doses of chamomile tea that have been given just a little bit of time to cool (only down to room temperature or a lukewarm temperature, as opposed to boiling hot right out of the kettle) are regarded as strong potentiators as well.

This is one of the tastier ways to enjoy everything that kratom brings to the table, particularly if you are looking to take advantage of the pain relief and sedative benefits of this all-natural herb. Chamomile tea on its own is relaxing and refreshing but when combined with kratom both of these base elements are elevated and turned into something really special.

Cayenne Pepper is Worth a Try

It’s usually not a good idea to eat cayenne pepper on its own but the capsaicin active ingredient in this pepper is what makes it such a spectacular potentiator when matched up with kratom. You’re definitely going to be in for a bit of a spicier treat when you go with this pairing, but if you don’t mind a little bit of heat you might find cayenne pepper and kratom to be very energizing when working together!

Magnesium is a Solid Kratom Potentiators

Magnesium is one of the most powerful potentiators your find anywhere on the market when it comes to kratom. Bath salts are 100% pure magnesium all on their own and folks around the world have been crushing them up into pottery substances and mixing them with kratom for maybe the cheapest potentiator on the market right now.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to get the most out of all that kratom has to offer is to source only the highest quality kratom available, purchasing from reliable vendors you can trust and ordering strains that have high levels of potency and proven track records.

The second best way to get the most out of all that kratom has to offer, though, is to combine it with kratom potentiators the way we described above. You’ll be able to take your kratom experiences to entirely new levels without a lot of effort by zeroing in on the inside information we shared in this quick guide.