The Complete Overview of Kratom Strains in 2020

The intro to Kratom Strains

As Kratom becomes more and more popular, people become intrigued by the different strains that are offered. It can be confusing at times, trying to figure out which type of Kratom will work best for you. The good thing is that everything is all-natural, and as long as it is appropriately taken and is of high quality, you will not experience side effects. So, even if the product isn’t for you, you will not be damaged by trying it.

Kratom looks very ordinary and not as complicated as some may think. But, it is essential to understand the different types because of how beneficial it can be to a person’s health. Each strain of Kratom has a different kind of chemical composition and will ultimately affect people’s bodies in different ways. 

Three different colors (red, white, green) will be analyzed below, but they are critical to helping people identify precisely what they may need the Kratom to help them with. Between understanding the different colors and knowing where to find the highest quality Kratom, you will be able to walk away with confidence, knowing what strain of Kratom is best for you.

This article today is going to explore several Kratom strains. They will be identified, briefly explained, recommended dosages, as well as what effects you can expect.


Bali is the most well known and recognizable Kratom on the Internet. It is critical in increasing energy, promoting a rich culture, and a great atmosphere. Bali helps to bring about the emotions of strength, peace, motivation, and a deep connection with the world. As a result, Bali is one of the most versatile and balanced strains available. 

One half to three teaspoons will help to bring about a euphoric effect with this strain that resembles an opiate more than any other.

Malaysian Kratom

The wet and very tropical climate that Malaysia offers provides the perfect weather to grow Kratom. The farmers are very familiar with the region and understand how to produce the plant. Low doses of Malay strains work to increase energy levels, but high doses will deliver highly-sedative effects. It also helps with cognitive functions to help people improve their focus and mental energy.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da Kratom is probably the most potent Kratom on the market. Found in Thailand and Malaysia, it is one of the most potent strains of Kratom as its tree steadily grows in its pursuit of sunlight and water. It has been used for people who were looking for a healthy, focused, and clear state of mind. People thrived on living their lives to their full physical and mental potential.

One half to three teaspoons will help to produce an energizing effect that helps pain with its painkilling stimulating effects. 

Red Vein Kali

Red Vein Thai is one of the highest quality products, but Red Vein Kali has replaced it. It comes from Borneo and comes from a paradise on Earth. This strain helps people remain extremely calm due to the relaxing aroma it exudes. This strain will help people connect with all the serenity that mother nature has to offer.

One half to three teaspoons will help people feel similar effects to Bali with fewer side effects.

Red Indo Kratom

This classic strain is an Indonesian Kratom that has an aroma that one would typically find with red leaf Kratom trees. It grows in the countryside and lives in a pretty calm area. It thrives in tranquil and easy-paced settings. People enjoy taking Red Indo Kratom when they want to savor life by the moment.

One half to three teaspoons will help people feel the effects of what Red Kali does.

Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo Kratom is another classic strain that resonated in Indonesia. You can identify it by the distinct aroma associated with Green kratom strains. This strain is pretty mild compared to others but is also a perfectly balanced version of Super Green Malaysian Kratom. This strain is an excellent representation of the hustle and bustle of the Indonesian lifestyle.

One half to three teaspoons will help people balance pain relief with a boost of energy.

Green Vein Kali

Green Vein Kali comes from the same region as the Red Vein Kali and is grown on the third largest island in the world. It thrives on the island while being covered by vegetation in a very low population density. Green Vein Kali is a bit more aggressive with a great balance of tranquility and vitality. This strain covers the full gamut of Kratom properties.

One half to three teaspoons will help people feel stimulated with painkilling attributes.

White Vein Kali

White Vein Kali resonates from Borneo and grows in Kalimantan, which is known as one of the Earth’s lungs. White Vein Kali grows slowly and freely without any stress from other parts of the world. This strain helps people live their fullest lives without the stress and discomfort of everyday life. It is an uplifting aroma that will capture the senses of its users.

One half to three teaspoons will help people feel a lot more euphoric.

White Vein Thai

White Vein Thai originates from Thailand in the ever thriving forests and jungles. It is surrounded by euphoria and is continuously nourished and grown in fertile lands. Its claim to fame comes from its ability to help people feel uplifted. It is a perfect way for people to feel better about themselves and let some of the stresses of the world vanish away.

One half to three teaspoons will help people feel much more euphoric.

White Vein Indo Kratom

This strain has all the benefits of the Kratom alkaloids with a stimulating aroma. It grows in deep areas of a hostile jungle area. The Kratom tree must be untamed with energy to survive through the other flora. This strain is always produced in the highest quality possible and is one that many people feel the effects from it.

One half to three teaspoons will help people feel relief from pain, similar to the Red Indo.

Super Green Malaysian Kratom

This strain is a very unique and finely powdered version of Malaysian Kratom. It is of the highest quality possible and is a great mood enhancer loaded with energizing aromas. It grows in some of the densest tropical forests. It has long-lasting properties making it one of the strongest and enduring varieties of Kratom. 

One half to three teaspoons will help with stimulation and a little euphoria.

Ultra Enhanced Indo

This is a rather new formulation that is made from pure alkaloids of Indo Kratom that is applied to the Bali leaf, UEI. UEI is standardized at 17% alkaloids by its overall weight.

One gram or less if mixed with a powdered leaf that is the most euphoric of all the extracts that help in reducing social anxiety. 

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

This extract is widely known throughout classic Kratom extracts. It is powerful in minimal dosages, and many places stock it in limited qualities.

One gram or less if mixed with a powdered leaf that is powerful when applying highly concentrated Kratom alkaloids back to the natural leaf.

Understanding the Colors

Many of the Kratom effects will vary based on the color. You will notice that when you order Kratom, you will typically have a color attached to it. Let’s break down the colors to help give you a better understanding of what each one means.


Green is considered the most potent strain of all. It offers a lot of pain relief along with gentle stimulation. It is an excellent color for boosting your concentration while uplifting your mood. Green Kratom effects typically last up to 8 hours.


White is the go-to for people who are looking to boost their energy. In addition to boosting energy, it also helps people with insomnia (in higher doses), depression, and increasing your productivity. White Kratom effects can typically last 3-5 hours.


Red is great for people suffering from pain. It has a lot of painkilling and relaxation effects, which is what most people are looking for when buying Kratom strains. It helps to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms, which is huge for people who are in recovery. Red Kratom effects typically last around 5 hours.


Hopefully, the above information helped provide a little more insight into distinguishing the different strains of Kratom. Kratom strains are only as effective as their quality. Low-quality strains will have minimal effect on people. When purchasing Kratom products, you must prioritize finding high-quality products only. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. 

It is also important to note that, over time, your brain receptors can get used to the alkaloids that are present in the different strains of Kratom. Your body will then build tolerance, and you’ll want to increase your Kratom dosage. This can be dangerous, so it is recommended to take breaks from using Kratom to prevent your body from becoming tolerant of the product.