Kratom Tea: How to Make it in 2020

How To Make Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is a buzzy type of tea that is made using the leaves from a kratom tree that is native to Southeast Asia. It is believed that Kratom acts as a stimulant when used in smaller doses, but in the larger doses, it is said to have a sedating effect. There are people who have been using this compound in an effort to ease the withdrawal from opiates. Kratom is touted as a ‘natural high’ and has been deemed illegal in many countries but is found to be legal in most of the United States.

Kratom tea is made by either putting the leaves of the tree or mixing the kratom leaf powder into some boiling water to brew. These leaves contain a chemical known as mitragynine that is boasted as working in a similar fashion to opioid pain relievers like either codeine or morphine. Aside from tea, kratom can also be taken in capsule form as a supplement, smoked, or chewed.

The claims are that kratom works in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and in instances of pain. It is marketed as being ‘safe’ and a plant-based alternative for the treatment of these conditions. There are people who have also taken kratom for improved mood, elevated sexual performance, as well as enhanced physical endurance none of which has any sufficient evidence to back up its ability to perform in these capacities. The FDA has indicated that there are no substantial studies to show that kratom is able to assist in withdrawal from opiates either.

How To Make Kratom Tea

Aside from confirmed testing, kratom tea is fast becoming a favorite drink, particularly in Southeast Asia, where they have replaced their regular coffee and tea consumption due to the invigorating, stimulating, and energizing potential.

For this recipe, you will be able to have tea for upwards of 16 milder doses, 4 doses of more medium strength, or two doses that are of moderate strength. Each person is going to be different in their sensitivity to kratom, and for each batch that you make, the kratom will offer a different potency. These dosages are a very rough approximation. You should always begin with a very low dose if you are new to a compound such as kratom and then bump it up slowly with each subsequent trial until you find a dose that is more compatible with you.

It is really important before you decide on a dose for yourself to consult with your healthcare provider in order that you can be monitored in the beginning and during the course of treatment.

  • Put 50 grams of crushed, dry kratom leaves into your pot and add to that a liter of water.
  • Boil this for 15 minutes gently.
  • Take a strainer and pour the tea into a bowl, reserving the liquid. Make sure to squeeze the leaves in order to salvage as much of the liquid as possible.
  • Add the leaves back into the pot and redo the 2nd and 3rd steps.

After you have strained the leaves through again, toss them out. Combine the liquids in the pot and boil through until the liquid measures to 100 ml. This is so you have a small quantity for an individual dosage that will be able to be swallowed rapidly. Don’t boil too much or you could burn it.

This tea is going to be bitter so you will want to consume it fast and chase it with a fruit drink or something that tastes pleasant to you. You can store it for upwards of five days inside the fridge but you won’t want to drink it after that. If you add approximately 10% of alcohol to it, it can be preserved for many months in the fridge which would equal approximately a part of 80 proof of vodka or another spirit of the sort to 3 parts of the kratom tea.


Kratom tea has unique benefits when it is compared to the liquid extract and the raw leaf. The potent alkaloids that are embedded in the leaves are released in a much faster way when they become exposed to the heat. In drinking the kratom tea, the kratom is able to reach your bloodstream much more quickly with the effects coming on more rapidly. With the kratom tea, the reaction is more stimulation with the pain-relieving aspect a bit more reduced. There are also many claims that the mood-boosting and euphoria are much more enhanced compared to merely taking the kratom powder particularly when the stomach is empty.

If your goal is for the maximum in pain relief as well as the sedating effect, the tea may not be the best method for consuming kratom. This is more for obtaining a boost in energy as well as mood enhancement.

There are many different methods for making kratom tea. Regardless of the way that you choose to brew it or the dosage that you opt for, it is claimed that it will always have positive effects on your body.

Indigestion is eased. If you are suffering from any type of constipation or bloating, dealing with the effects of indigestion and abdominal cramps, kratom tea is touted as being effective in these instances. The claims are that it is supposed to promote the proper digestion of food and boost metabolism in a ‘natural’ way.

Stimulates and boosts energy. Kratom tea is boasted as being invigorating to the body at a cellular level, wakes the senses, and stimulates the mind. Many people are replacing coffee with kratom tea as they believe it is the ideal pickup to transform the body from lethargic to energetic and positive. Pain reducer. Kratom tea is not as strong with pain reduction as taking kratom straight but it still offers pain-reducing properties in the way of headaches, flu, menstrual cramps, body discomfort, overall soothing relief to general aches and pains.

Complexion. It is boasted that kratom has the ability to enhance skin health as it promotes circulation and will increase the blood flow which allows for a much more rosy, fair, fresh complexion. It is supposed to balance pH levels allowing for healing of dry skin.

Mood booster. This tea is touted as releasing endorphins which gives a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and perhaps reduced anxiety and depression.

Side Effects

Some people have been known to complain of nausea when the doses are above 25 grams. Those who are extremely sensitive can experience nausea if the dose goes above 15 grams. If you take a larger dose, it is a good idea to do so on an empty stomach or wait approximately 3 hours after you have eaten before taking it.

Other side effects that have been noted at doses above five grams include vomiting, loss of muscle coordination, loss of appetite, dizziness, increased urination, rapid heart rate, constipation, sedation, dry mouth, and sweating.

The effects in higher dosages can become much more serious with anxiety, strong euphoric high, slowed breathing, constipation, changes in heart rate, coma, seizures, and potential for fatality.


Kratom is not something that is new but rather has been playing a role among many cultures for centuries. It has merely found new vast popularity throughout the western world causing people to wonder if it can live up to the hype.

When used in the right way, kratom is said to offer a large array of health benefits ranging from improved diabetes to anxiety. It has the ability to help a variety of different people in many different situations. It is critical, though, that those who are considering using this compound consult with their doctor prior to purchase or use of the substance. The more serious side effects are generally rare, but individuals that may have specific preexisting conditions could be at risk for problems that may not be common.

It’s also crucial for those purchasing to be vigilant about the supplier that you choose whether it be from an online vendor or a local shop. You want someone who is going to provide the highest quality unadulterated kratom leaves and extracts. Obtaining a poor quality puts you at risk for more of the negative side effects particularly if you get a hold of a brand that has been enhanced with other elements in order to make them more powerful.

It’s very important for those taking kratom to understand that this substance is supposed to be safe, but the plant’s health effects are still in the testing phase. As more studies are available and verify the benefits of kratom, it may become easier to know the true impact that this plant is going to have on our health.

In following the proper dosage advice, speaking with a healthcare provider, and buying from a reliable and reputable supplier, kratom can be proven to be beneficial and safe for anyone’s regular routine. If you want to use kratom, you should self assess what you expect to gain from your trial in order to choose the correct strain for your particular needs.