Major Kratom Review 2020: Is this a reliable kratom supplier?

Major Kratom Overview

The overwhelming majority of kratom vendors out there are not shy at all about telling you of their history somewhere on their website, giving you a bit of extra insight into how they started, when they started, and why they started up their kratom business.

For some reason, Major Kratom is a little more secretive and are known for playing their cards close to the vest with a website that is almost deliberately vague when it comes to these basic details.

major kratom

At the same time, a little bit of research shows you that Major Kratom is one of the oldest vendors in the entire kratom industry (at least the US industry, anyway). The company was built back in 2010 – almost 4 years before the kratom craze really started to kick off in earnest here – and has been growing pretty solidly in reputation and in overall prominence ever since.

To learn a little bit more about everything that Major Kratom has to offer and whether or not this is a business you can trust with your hard-earned money we have put together this quick guide.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Major Kratom Products

To begin with, the Major Kratom product selection is (at first blush) admittedly a little bit weak and a little bit underwhelming.

Sure, this is a company that offers a couple of different kratom strains that they say are sourced from locations throughout Southeast Asia but the overwhelming majority of the options that they offer on their platform look like they come exclusively from Indonesia.

Things get even a little muddier when you start to notice that the pictures for many of the kratom products available for sale through Major Kratom don’t necessarily seem to match up with the actual descriptions of those products or their traditional names.

All the same, there are new products being added to the Major Kratom vendor on a regular basis and the company definitely looks to have a commitment to increasing their limited selection pretty aggressively.

Whether or not that means you’re able to secure top-quality kratom that is 100% legitimate, 100% organic, and of the highest purity and potency levels still remains to be seen.


Major Kratom Quality

Again, trying to track down the legitimate sources of some of the Major Kratom products can be a bit of an uphill climb.

A handful of the products that they promise were grown in the richest, most nutrient-dense soils in all of Indonesia are described as products that come directly from Vietnam – an interesting contradiction that could be something just sort of lost in translation, but something that does not give a lot of confidence to customers that may be thinking about doing business with Major Kratom for the very first time.

Major Kratom does claim that they take quality very seriously and that all of their kratom products go through a very specific quality control process. The last thing that you want to do is put any 100% all-natural and herbal product into your body without knowing exactly where it came from, how it was grown, and whether or not it has been tinkered with somewhere along the way.

We would love to say with complete and total certainty that this isn’t the case with Major Kratom but there’s just not enough information on their website or even out there and more generalized Major Kratom reviews to let us know if these products are completely organic or even 100% kratom, for that matter.

Major Kratom certainly doesn’t have the same kind of transparency that a lot of other top-tier vendors do, that’s for sure.

Major Kratom Pricing

The number one thing that Major Kratom has going for it compared to a lot of other vendors in the space is the almost unbelievably low prices that they advertise on a day to day basis.

At first blush, these prices seem like deals of the century that you just aren’t ever going to be able to find with any other vendor short of flying over to Southeast Asia yourself and buying the products directly from the source.

When you dig a little bit deeper, however, these prices do not look all that enticing or exciting – particularly when there are so many questions as far as the quality and the consistency (and even the legitimacy) of some of the kratom products available from Major Kratom.

Sure, you might be able to save a mountain of money on some of the red or green strains of kratom available from Major Kratom. But are you really saving any money whatsoever if it turns out that these products are less than 100% kratom and just aren’t capable of giving you the results or benefits you were looking for, to begin with?

Major Kratom Customer Service

The general ordering process and the broader customer service process with Major Kratom is (like a lot things with this vendor) a bit limited.

Most of the other top-tier kratom vendors send you a quick confirmation email to let you know that your order has been accepted, has been processed, and is going through the motions of actually being fulfilled.

You aren’t going to get an email from the folks at Major Kratom to let you know that everything is going smoothly. That alone might not be all that big of a deal, but you also won’t have any real receipt of the transaction that you have process (aside from the receipt with your credit card or debit card) and may find it difficult to get a hold of customer service to help you with your order based off of those details along.

You also won’t know exactly when your order has actually been processed or fulfilled the way you will with other kratom vendors. This injects a lot of uncertainty into a process that really shouldn’t have any uncertainty whatsoever.

Contacting customer service directly is generally pretty simple and straightforward, though. The support emails you can send in usually get answered within 24 to 48 hours which is pretty quick – though again you may have to bounce emails back and forth with customer support just because you haven’t gotten an order number when you placed your purchase with Major Kratom in most circumstances.

Major Kratom Shipping Options

Domestic shipping with Major Kratom is pretty quick and generally pretty affordable, but it’s pretty rare to get your hands on free shipping with Major Kratom the way you might with other companies in the kratom space.

Major Kratom also does not differentiate or distinguish between the six individual states in the US that have outlawed the purchase or possession of kratom at the time of checkout. This can get you into some pretty hot water with the authorities and is something that we were a little bit surprised to discover during our quick review of the vendor.

International orders seem like they are going to ship pretty inexpensively as well though many of the other Major Kratom reviews out there claim that the orders can take a little bit longer to get to their final destination compared to other businesses in the industry.

Major Kratom Reputation

We can tell you for certain that Major Kratom enjoys a bit of a mixed bag of a reputation in the kratom business – and that might even be a little bit generous to be completely honest.

There’s a lot to like when it comes to the product selection available from this vendor and the prices that they promise are some of the lowest in the business to be sure.

On the flip side of things, however, when you cannot be totally certain or secure in the fact that you are getting 100% pure and 100% legitimate kratom with each and every purchase – just because there are so many question marks surrounding Major Kratom as a vendor – it’s really hard to get excited about those two benefits.

Final Verdict

All in all, with so many different 100% legitimate and reliable kratom vendors out there that you can trust implicitly – companies that work to solidify their sterling silver reputation in the industry but also those that are totally transparent about almost every aspect of their business – it’s tough to recommend moving forward with a company like Major Kratom that is so shrouded in mystery.

Plenty of customers that have left Major Kratom reviews have gone on to state that they received their kratom rectally, that they were generally pleased with the overall experience, and that they found the products to be consistent with what they were promised at the time of their order being placed.

But there are just too many other red flags surrounding Major Kratom that stop us from being able to recommend this vendor wholeheartedly. You’ll definitely want to do your own research and due diligence before you dive headfirst into purchasing any of the kratom products made available by this company, that’s for sure.

The bottom line is simple. You’ll probably want to look elsewhere if you want to be guaranteed 100% pure, 100% legitimate, and 100% real deal kratom at reasonable prices.