Okie Kratom Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s of this seller

Okie Kratom Review

Everyone is always on the lookout for the best Kratom products they can find. Many companies advertise having the best Kratom on the market, but can’t back that up with evidence. Too many companies are fake and trying to lure people into purchasing products that resemble Kratom, but do not have the same effects. 

One company, Okie Kratom, backs up their product. They are one of the more popular Kratom companies on the market today. They are known for selling top-notch Kratom, which is a must for anyone who understands the world of Kratom. Anything less than top-quality will not deliver the desired results.

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Okie Kratom guarantees that its customers will receive the best benefits. They offer many different strains, which will be discussed later, to provide their customers with a variety of different options. The company prides itself on having great customer service and a thorough knowledge of the product. If you are new to the Kratom world, they are there to help you understand what may work for you and what you might want to avoid.

The one thing that customers can know for sure is that they will get quality from every strain Okie Kratom provides. Some companies are a little sketchy when it comes to their product line, but Okie Kratom has a loyal customer base that vouches for their products. Let’s look at some of the more popular strains that the company has to offer.


You will be impressed when you visit the Okie Kratom website based on how it initially looks. The layout works fluidly and really allows the buyer’s ability to take advantage of finding the right products. You can click on a certain strain or scroll towards the bottom of the page to see a full list of what is offered.

There is a promos page available to check out some of their specials. Be sure to visit this first before making any ordering decisions. You can walk away with some incredible deals.

The one drawback is that the website does a poor job of educating their customers about the product. When you click on the strain, you’ll basically see some disclaimers about the product. There is no blog or news section to provide new and exciting updates. They do have a useful links section, which does supply some information to help you make your decisions.


Strain Varieties

Red strains offer a variety of different effects for people. What is great about Kratom is that people have many options as to what strains they feel will work best. Okie Kratom offers many choices for people to select from with their red strains. They have original farming arriving daily.

This stock arrives from South East Asia and is filled with so many of the health benefits that are associated with Kratom. The company takes time to do background checks on the farmers to ensure that they are getting the Kratom from the absolute best. People can easily tell the difference between good Kratom and bad Kratom from the first use of Okie Kratom strains.

Super Green B

This is one of the most popular strains available at Okie Kratom. They ensure that the strain remains constant and not run out of stock. This strain is set up to bring maximum results to its customers. They divide everything out so that people will be safe and receive the full dose of nutrients.

Green BumbleBee

This is one of the more rare products that is available at Okie Kratom. The purchasing procedure is very easy for consumers. Just a few simple steps are needed to purchase Green BumbleBee. The website has simple steps to follow when you are ready to proceed with your purchase. If something seems off, their customer service department will be right there to assist you with your purchase.

Bulk Load of Original Green MD

Many reputable companies do not offer products in bulk, but Okie Kratom is an exception. They have a variety of options to purchase the products in the quantity that people may be most interested in. Customers have been pleased with the price point that Okie Kratom has offered and they love that the products undergo a thorough investigation before being shipped out. People will never have to worry about their Kratom showing up contaminated.

Other Strains

White strains are one of the more popular strains on the market. Many of the white vein strains can be ordered through their website. All the big names that people would want, Okie Kratom has. People can also take advantage of some of the CBD products that they have to offer.

Product Quality

Commitment to producing quality products is Okie Kratom’s number one goal. People have loved their products, so they are certainly doing something right. However, even though there have been rumors about how they test their products, no lab tests or results have been published on any of their batches. That is something to consider when making a purchase.

Okie Kratom does offer sample packs for its customers. This can be really beneficial if you are unsure of what might actually work best for you. You don’t want to get stuck buying a large amount of Kratom and not liking the strain you purchased. When you call to request a sample pack, you can speak to an attendant about the kind of effects you are looking for. They will be able to recommend products that could help you receive that desired effect. 

People, however, have bragged about how great the Kratom is. Many have also said that they can cut down their quantity to still feel the desired results. That is pretty special and something that will certainly save you money in the long run. Speaking of the pricing…

Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Okie Kratom products are very cheap considering the quality they provide. A full kilo of Red Thai or White Maeng Da Kratom sells for a mere $80. It is not common to find many companies that offer kilos for anything less than $100. Many stores are even double the price of Okie Kratom. It is a little suspicious that they are able to sell their products for such a cheap price, but nobody has complained about the quality, so they are doing something right.

Okie Kratom does provide next day shipping for any orders that are placed before 5pm. Payment will need to be made before 6 am the following business day for the order to be processed and sent to your home. Any orders that are placed after Thursday at 8 pm will not be shipped until Monday. Shipping is currently done in the United States, Canada, Italy, and Spain.

You must contact Okie directly if you are looking to return any orders. They will review the problems you have with the product and make a determination as to whether or not it can be returned. Any products that are opened are not eligible for refunds and they do not bear any liability for shipping charges.

In Conclusion

This is a pretty reputable company that people can certainly trust to get quality Kratom at outstanding prices. The company was started by a man named Gary D. Blodgett. His motivation started after his frustrations with trying to get Kratom in his hometown. There were not many suppliers and he had to go to shady places to find what he was looking for.

He struggled with figuring out how the metrics worked in purchasing the products. He also saw that most vendors were selling in bulk, which is useful for people who are trying to figure out what will work best for them. He decided to take action and begin Okie Kratom. Customers could purchase strains as small as 0.5 ounces. He wanted people to have the opportunity to buy strains without having to spend a lot to test it out. 

The company has remained strong for years now, but there is not much information online about them. It is hard to find a lot of reviews, which makes people question the company a bit, but anybody who has ever commented on Okie Kratom has boasted about their quality and pricing. 

Without knowing a ton of information about Okie Kratom, it is comforting to know that customers can order smaller amounts to test before committing to something they really enjoyed. Their owner really understood the value of not overdoing it when it came to making people purchase more than they need to. The product has been known to be potent enough that larger quantities weren’t needed.

Customers of Kratom have many options to choose from when selecting the right vendor for their supply. The best idea is to read up on as many reviews as you can before deciding on where to start. Okie Kratom seems like a safe place to start because the reviews that are out there are positive and the pricing is right. I would say it is “OK” to give Okie Kratom a try.