Precious Mitre Review: A good shop to buy Kratom from?

Precious Mitre Review

Precious Mitre is a fairly new Kratom vendor operating within the Bay Area in California since 2015. They bear a slogan announcing that they “lead you to better health”. Their claims concerning the Mitragyna speciosa leaf have not been proven through scientific research nor are they backed by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA making their statement rather bold.

Pieter Willem Korthals, Dutch botanist, recorded notes in which he compared the Kratom leaf to that of the hat of a bishop. Precious Mitre liked this and thus their moniker was inspired. The company has developed a reputation based inconsistency with quality products and prices that are fair. Their compound is boasted as being unadulterated, pure Kratom powder.

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A Kratom Vendor

Kratom products are becoming increasingly popular with many users believing the compound to be responsible for health-boosting benefits. In researching vendors, it’s critical to consider factors such as affordability, reliability, and certainly the quality of the compound. Kratom has become legal in various countries due to the claims of its multiple uses and many health benefits allowing vendors to sell out quickly online. The people who are indulging in the product are encouraged to do their homework in finding reputable vendors prior to making a purchase in order that they receive ingredients that are pure and of a high standard.

Precious Mitre is noted to be among the trusted vendors who walk a ‘tightrope’ among those providing gimmickry and legitimacy. Their intention is to lead in quality and bring their customers into a better standard of life. They provide their products in both the local setting and online. In order to make the appropriate decision as to which vendor to use, it is essential to follow reviews regarding the products and services that companies such as Precious Mitre offer.


Benefits Of Precious Mitre

Precious Mitre as a vendor offers their customers the type of benefits that are essential when it comes to a compound that has claims of enhancing your health and well being including:


Each and every one of Precious Mitre’s Kratom strains is put through a stringent course of quality assurance testing. They attest that the products they offer are free of any type of foreign contaminants and mixed at the best ratios. They provide a unique packaging system to ensure that the compound is contaminant-free, of the freshest and most pure quality. Their items are simple to use allowing users to fall into the best doses perfect for their needs which appeals to customers to their products. They are boasted as being ‘outstanding’, renowned for the standard of products that they supply. Many competitors have tried to outdo the items that Precious Mitre produces and have found it impossible to beat their fully organic compounds. Their users are calling them ‘fantastic’ with their Kratom strains being praised for the extended effects, duration, and quality.


Precious Mitre has become known for their affordable pricing compared to their online competition. Their compounds are considered to be inexpensive based on the value of what they offer on the market. Each potential customer, as well as regular users, are well taken care of with reasonable prices for both quantity and strain. The price is in no way reflective of the high quality that the products offer.


Precious Mitre provides its customers with various coupons and discounting that allows users to purchase Kratom strains in bulk. There is often a coupon code provided for customers to input at the time of their purchase which discounts the price automatically. There are oftentimes where they provide ‘flash’ sales with items being discounted upwards of 20% allowing large savings not only for retail but significantly for the wholesaler.


Precious Mitre has a reputation for convenience and their return policy allows for this convenience. If you are not satisfied with a product, you may return the item unopened and sealed in exchange for something else or for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, the sale is considered to be final. If the item has been opened or is unsealed, there will be a store credit given after the product has been inspected.


Because of all of the various benefits that Precious Mitre has come to offer their customers, they have developed a considerable reputation and a positive image within the Kratom market. The vendor recognizes the critical need to maintain the standing they have with their brand in order to retain its strong consumer base. This is why they offer such a wide variety of products in order to cater to their audience.

Precious Mitre Kratom Strains

Trifecta Green White S and V Blend

Trifecta is boasted as being among the best of the Kratom blends consisting of a combination of Plain, S and V leaves. It is claimed to have an excellent taste but also provides health benefits with mood enhancement felt even hours after consumption and a too strong sedative effect within an hour. This insinuates that this mix would be ideal for any type of sleep disorder and implies that it should be taken prior to bedtime due to the sedating effects.

White Vietnam

It is said that this is among the best white Kratom strains available. It is fast-acting when consumed, though, has a short effect offering mood enhancement and energy renewal with many taking it after a particularly bad day.

Mitre Magic Green White Blend

The claim of this mixture is that it will provide you with a boost to your confidence as it acts as mood enhancement, energy rejuvenator, and motivator with no type of relaxation effect. It is suggested that those with anxiety may not want to try this particular strain as it may cause you to become overly anxious. It is said to be a potent stimulator that has the possibility of causing jitters. If you are someone who is in need of much more energy, a lift in excitement, a boost in mood, and motivation, this would be the right blend for you.

Green Malay

Among others, this is a strain that Precious Mitre is renowned for. The effects that you achieve will be dependent on the dose that you consume. It will be up to you to begin small and bump up the dose until you receive the desired effect you are looking for with this strain. A high dose of Green Malay has been reported as having side effects that could include dizziness or headaches. The suggestion is that consumption should not exceed 6g. The effects are more about giving an energy lift, but in the higher dosages, there will be an enlivened or lively mood but with a relaxing effect.

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam is recognized for being a mild strain, though, it is not weak. It provides a calm and relaxing effect without a lot of stimulation or anxiety. Any type of uplifting effect is slight.

When researching vendors to decide who you should shop with, it’s not only critical to find someone with a good reputation but you need a supplier whose products are in line with what your specific needs are. Each strain, every variety, is touted as having its own unique use, benefit and effect and the effect that the Kratom has on you will be based on the amount that you consume.

Side Effects

Precious Mitre as a vendor proudly claims that it puts its items through very stringent quality assurance testing as a means to produce the highest standard, purest compound, contaminant-free products to its customers. In so doing, there is less chance for any type of adverse effects due to added foreign elements.

If you risk taking the various Precious Mitre strains in too-high dose, there are, as with any type of substance, chances for side effects which is why it is suggested that you begin with a small dose, particularly if you are new to Kratom, and then build up to your desired effect. This will avoid the likelihood for any adverse reactions.


Precious Mitre packages their products in a way that the product is easy to use and allows their customers a simple way to begin dosing and bump their way up to the point where they accomplish the necessary results they’re hoping for. This is why their customers choose them over many other vendors in the Kratom market.


Precious Mitre seems to be the type of vendor that puts their customers as a priority above all else. They insist that they go above and beyond what is required to ensure that they provide a top-quality product, free of any type of impurities, in order that their users achieve the type of benefits that Kratom is touted as providing. They have developed a sterling reputation for their standards, reliability, pricing, and the items that they offer. It appears that their competition has developed a respect for them as well. If choosing to buy a compound of this nature, a vendor with this type of feedback would be the place to start.