Releaf Kratom Reviewed: Is this vendor worth your money?

Releaf Kratom overview

Finding a reliable online source to obtain various strains of Kratom can be difficult. Due to its rising popularity, Kratom online stores are popping up all over the place. Many knock-off places promise high-quality products but can’t deliver the goods. Consumers must do their due diligence and find reputable sources.

If you are new to understanding the effects of Kratom, this is an even bigger task. Looking at reviews from people is one good place to start. People are very honest about the products they love and the ones they hate. Kratom can do a lot of good for people who are struggling with different health ailments, so finding places with top-quality Kratom can’t be missed. This article is going to look at one of the more successful online Kratom stores. Releaf Kratom might be the place you have been searching for.

Releaf Kratom has been open for a few years and has been functioning out of Ohio. Their goal is to produce and sell the best Kratom leaves around. They will settle for nothing less than making that top quality Kratom shows up at every customer’s door. Releaf Kratom knows the importance of customer service and has a team in place ready to deliver whatever their customers need.

Products Being Sold

One of their biggest sellers, powdered Kratom, is available for purchase in a variety of amounts. These amounts start at 30 grams and typically sell for $10. Releaf Kratom sells the big three strains consisting of red, white, and green. People who are familiar with Kratom know that the veins produce these colors, which offer up different kinds of effects. Their website does a great job of informing the customer of exactly what they are purchasing. When you click on a particular strain, customers will be informed about where exactly the strain comes from, its effects, and specifications. The powders can be purchased in sizes ranging from 1K to 30-gram packs. 

White strains offer popular brands like White Jong Kong and White Thai Kratom. Red strains offer brands such as Red Thai and Kratom Red Maeng Da Kratom. Finally, green strains offer Thai Kratom and Elephant Kratom. Releaf Kratom offers many more strains for their customers, which they can find out about all of them on their website. 

Releaf Kratom has gained in popularity because of the main strains they have to offer to their customers. The list above is pretty substantial compared to many other places. If, after reading the information on the strain, you still are unclear about what will work best for you, take advantage of speaking to one of their top-notch customer service representatives. 

Capsule Options

Instead of purchasing Kratom in powder form, Releaf Kratom offers their product in capsule form. Sixty capsules will run a customer about $18, and they are available in 60, 120, or 180 packs. A type of gelatin is used to help keep the capsules fully coated, and Releaf Kratom packs them in a Dry Pack technique to prevent any mold or moisture from getting in while being shipped to you. Customers will notice right away the care that is taken to ensure the capsules are delivered safely. Many people find the capsule option to be more accessible as each capsule is already measured out to a specific amount.

Releaf Kratom currently offers the following capsule forms available to customers. Borneo Capsules Kratom is available for those interested in a white strain. Several other popular strains can also be found in their red and green options. Customers will not be disappointed with the selection they have to offer.

Tincture Kratom

One of the lesser-known ways of consuming Kratom is through tincture Kratom. This is one of the top companies when it comes to selling flavored tinctures. This helps people avoid having the Kratom taste as it’s masked with other flavors. 

Customers can purchase tincture bottles of 15 ml, which is a total of 11 grams of leaves from Kratom. Their website states that the formulation of tincture is using a triple filtered solution that is purified from the amazing Kratom leaves. They contain 100% ethanol-based non-GMO. This ensures that no dangerous solvents are used. Two flavors that Releaf Kratom uses in their tinctures are Cafe Latte and Mandarin Orange Maeng Da.

Why You Should Consider Releaf Kratom

As discussed earlier, it is difficult to figure out what companies are legit and which ones are fake. There are a few factors that people should take into consideration when selecting a vendor to purchase their Kratom from. Let’s look at a few of those factors that Releaf Kratom delivers on.

Vendor Status

If a company has been around for a long time, there is a very high likelihood that is has a solid reputation. If the company were not selling top-quality products, their business would not remain open for long. Since the idea of Kratom is relatively new, knowing that Releaf Kratom has been open since 2017 is an indication that it has had some success. As always, before deciding to make a purchase, check out the reviews from people who purchased from that vendor to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Product Quality

There cannot be enough said about how important product quality is when it comes to Kratom. Nobody should ever compromise quality. Releaf Kratom delivers when it comes to quality. All of the items customers will receive will come with verifications from the lab identifying how fresh and pure the strain is. This guarantee is one of the reasons why people love ordering from Releaf Kratom. Customers never have to worry about contaminated products and can be assured that only the best is coming their way. 

Approval from the FDA

The FDA is vital in assuring quality products. They inspect the facilities and overall product quality. If things do not meet their standards, they will not receive FDA approval. The most significant factor that the FDA looks at is that their items pass through 3rd party testing, especially when it comes to 7-hydroxy mitragynine and Mitragunine level checks. The Kratom is checked to make sure it is free of salmonella, fungi, and pesticides. Releaf Kratom states numerous times on their website that the FDA does not approve of them for human consumption. The information above is mentioned to let customers know what the FDA would be looking for when checking Kratom.

Kratom is Original

Releaf Kratom will NEVER sell customers fake Kratom. Other vendors will show their products on their website, and they will look pure. But, when the product arrives, it does not look like what was shown on their website. Companies will sell fake green or tainted powder, all while using the Kratom name. People get fooled by this, feel no effects, and, in turn, think that Kratom isn’t working for them. Releaf Kratom ensures their products are pure Kratom with no additives present whatsoever. Customers will feel the full effects of their potent Kratom strains.

Final Thoughts

Releaf Kratom is the real deal. Their products speak for themselves, and customers can’t help but rave about the product. One area that the people have complained about is keeping their product in stock. Many times the product is limited, which is driving customers away to other stores. They work so hard to ensure top-quality products that sometimes they lag behind the competition in keeping the shelves stocked.

All orders come with free shipping through UPS, and same-day delivery options are available for orders that are over $50. Otherwise, people can generally expect to receive their order in 2-3 days. 

People also enjoy the fact that Releaf Kratom includes a label with detailed instructions on all of their Kratom products. They make it clear that no more than 2.5 grams should be taken with food. They also stress not to burn more than 10 grams a day.

Releaf Kratom is also sold through a vending machine. They have commented that the quality is durable in the vending machine and is very easy to use. The tricky part is finding vending machines depending on how close you live to their location. 

Their website states their vending machines are stocked with the most effective strains of premium Kratom powder and are available 24 hours a day — the owners of the company value the power of nature and how it is here to help humankind. Plants are essential to our culture, medicine, technology, wellness, and overall personal growth. Modern medicine has created a disconnect from nature. People are starting to realize that it is nature that is the purest way to heal. 

They also emphasize that their staff members will never provide medical advice. Their only job is to educate customers on what the product does. People should always seek guidance from a medical professional before taking any new products to be safe.

Currently, shipping is not available to Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin, or Vermont.