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Serenity Botanicals Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s

Serenity Botanicals Review

Kratom products are increasingly becoming more and more popular. They have been used to aid in the treatment of depression, pain, insomnia, and many other issues. Because of its popularity, more and more companies are selling Kratom products. The problem with this is that customers do not know if they are getting quality products or not. It is important for potential users to do their research ahead of time and find a company that has a strong reputation.

Serenity Botanicals is one of those reputable companies that deliver high-quality products. They are widely used online and are extremely professional with their interactions with customers. They provide a range of products for customers to choose from to get their Kratom fix. This includes tea powders, shower products, organic bathing soaps, essential oils, lotions, and mood-enhancing teas.

These organic solutions are quickly replacing the chemical medications that are harming our bodies with terrible side effects. The herbs are completely natural and deliver results and then some. As stated above, people need to be careful about the market. It is very populated and anybody can say they have Kratom, but not of the proper quality. 

Serenity Botanicals strives to deliver competitive prices with many coupons, promo codes, and discount codes for their customers. With competitive prices and high-quality products, Serenity Botanicals continues to build trust in the Kratom market.

What’s Available to Purchase?

Unlike many other Kratom shops, Serenity Botanicals has a diverse set of products to offer to their customers. The ability to shop online with ease is a huge bonus for potential customers. Different varieties of organic products are available with full descriptions of the product’s purpose. 

They specialize in various collections for customers to select from. Serenity Botanicals has a gift and basket collection, botanical collection, extract collection, mood collection, tea, and blend collection, and wellness collection. In addition to those options, customers can also choose from collections dealing with pain relief and better concentration. They also offer beverages to help with the immune system as well as providing a boost in energy.

Quality Assurance

One of the big reasons that people have continued to make their purchases from Serenity Botanicals is that they produce quality products. The company realized how important this was to the success of their business so they were committed to only producing products of the highest quality. The owners even test the products made from their company to ensure their customers would approve.

Serenity Botanicals is proud of the health products they are able to deliver on a daily basis. They intend to be consistent in producing quality, effective, and pure organic products. Their massive customer base knows the companies assures that they will receive maximum results through their healthy products. All products undergo testing in the lab to make sure that all of their products are safe for customer consumption. Their employees follow all the appropriate practices outlined by the state standards. 

This testing can include checking heavy metals and microbial safety tests. Many other companies have no problem packaging low quality, cheap products to make a sale. Serenity Botanicals take their time and only allow safely tested products to leave their shop. Customers can breathe easy knowing they have purchased the safest product possible.

Their website is very well designed. The top of the middle section displays at the different product categories available. The home page also divides up the common wellness effects that people may be interested in. This includes calmness, mood, relief, energy, and focus. 

Users can also be educated by the blog that the website contains. People who may be leery about Kratom can read about what it is, how legal it is, how effective essential oils are, and how herbal tea can be added to your daily diet. Customers are strongly encouraged to read the blog on legality issues to make sure that your state is ok to receive the product. The only real negative to the website is that the strains are not categorized. They are all grouped together, so people need to search through them one by one to find what they are looking for. 

Pricing Options

Compared to many other companies, customers have rated Serenity Botanicals as moderate in their pricing. In most cases, you get what you pay for. If you spend a little bit more money, you are more likely to receive a higher quality product. One of the ways that Serenity Botanicals try to keep their customers with them is by offering special discounts and codes. Serenity Botanicals make sure that their prices don’t fluctuate too much. This gives customers a sense of security they desire.

Customers who are new to Kratom products can get a special deal from Serenity Botanicals. They offer new customers a 10-gram sample pack for $2.99. This type of deal would normally cost customers around $10. This is a great opportunity for people to try different strains without having to worry about getting stuck with a lot of powder products that you don’t particularly enjoy. 

An ounce of the different powders typically retails for $6.99. This price is still below most other market values. Six ounces can be purchased for $29.99, which is a massive deal. If you are looking to purchase a kilo, Serenity Botanicals is not cheap. They typically charge $129.99 for a kilo. But, when doing your homework with other companies, Serenity Botanicals will still come in on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Discounts and Payment Methods

Many discounts and promo codes can be found on the Serenity Botanicals website. Have any discounts and promo codes available at checkout to apply them to your final purchase price. Even if you do not have any promo codes, you will be saving money by shopping at Serenity Botanicals over other companies. 

Serenity Botanicals offers many different payment methods. They allow payment through e-checks, Apple pay, most common credit cards, and Google pay app. Most other companies do not offer the payment flexibility options that Serenity Botanicals does. The company hopes that its different options will help to attract more customers.

Shipping Information

Another common concern people have about purchasing Kratom products is how much shipping may cost. Serenity Botanicals has an efficient shipping program for all of its local orders. The company prides themselves on their ability to deliver the products in quicker times than competitors. They also offer an international delivery system, which is another bonus. 

Products are packaged in airtight containers before they are shipped ensuring that the quality doesn’t diminish during the transfer. Most of the shipping is done through Priority Express and other options available through UPS. Their shipping prices are cheap and delivery rates are quick. Most orders never take more than three days. Customers will also be able to track their packages once their order is completed. 

Customer Service and Reputation

As with their quality and price assurances, Serenity Botanicals is proud of its customer service representatives. Their staff is friendly, courteous, and very responsive. They are well versed in the product and give you advice on what strains may work best for you. People can communicate with Serenity Botanicals via email or a Live Chat platform. They encourage their customers to reach out with any questions or problems they had with their product. Response time to any problems will be immediate and resolved as quickly as possible. 

It is abundantly clear that Serenity Botanicals has maintained a positive reputation. Their website is user-friendly and does a fantastic job of fully explaining the products and showing customers a wide array of options. Everyone has different preferences on how best to apply a product such as Kratom, so having the ability to choose different methods is helpful for the customers. When comparing other products, websites, and prices with other companies, customers will know right away where they should be shopping.

Customers who are not satisfied with the product can contact Serenity Botanicals through email. They will contact you right away and explain how to ship the item back to them and receive a refund or a credit. At least 95% of the original product must be available for returns.


High-quality and unbeatable prices are what will always be found at Serenity Botanicals. They are a professional wholesaler that delivers unbeatable products. Hassle-free services are available with their customer service department. Customers will get value for their money and feel satisfied with what the product delivers. Serenity Botanicals offers a high-quality, smooth, fast delivery service that will make customers feel comfortable with their choice.

This family-based company out of Ohio wants 100% satisfaction for their customers. Customers love the fact that their online shop offers CBD, Kratom, Essential Oils, Herbal Tea, Organic lotions, and bar soaps.

In a heavily populated market, it is comforting to know that one company has consistently delivered. If you are new to Kratom and don’t know where to start, Serenity Botanicals should be your landing spot. You will receive all the answers to your questions along with a massive selection of products to choose from. Serenity Botanicals really delivers all the way around.