Soul Speciosa Review 2020: Is this a reliable supplier?

An overview of Soul Speciosa

In case you haven’t heard, Kratom has been a big buzz word over the past few years. This natural herb is gaining in popularity because of some of the outstanding health benefits that it can provide. Originating in South East Asia, Kratom is making its way around the world quickly. Vendors are jumping all over the idea of selling it because of how safe and natural it is. However, many vendors are fake and try to take advantage of their customers by not selling actual Kratom. 

soul speciosa

Soul Speciosa is not one of those fake vendors. They have been reviewed as one of the best vendors around selling quality Kratom that is entirely genuine. The company is based out of California, and online reports say they are a trusted vendor who always has fresh kratom extracts. Their goal is to have competitive prices while producing some of the best Kratom on the market. Their website is very user-friendly and helps people navigate around to their online store while providing detailed information about the products they have to sell. Soul Speciosa has been keeping a close eye on the competition and always seems to be taking new steps to stay ahead of their competitors. 

All of their products are tested in a lab to make sure they are 100% pure. The vendor listens carefully to its customer base and wants to provide them with the exact products they will pique their interests. They never settle and are always looking to make a big move. For the safety of everyone, Soul Speciosa makes sure that their extracts are tested to ensure that there is no contamination whatsoever. Their company also supports the America Kratom Association, which is an organization that is trying to get customers the best products of Kratom in the United States. They are always fighting to keep Kratom relevant in the states.

Products Offered

Some vendors say they carry certain strains, but once you go to order, they don’t have what they promised. They try to lure you into their website and get you to settle on something else instead. Soul Speciosa has a large variety of pure and fresh Kratom. Their products range in powders and capsules. They also have beginner strains to help ease new users into healthy Kratom benefits. Customers can purchase strains such as Yellow Thai, Green Vein Thai, Horn Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Super Green Malay. There are many more options available.

Their most popular strain is the super-enhanced Maeng Da Thai! This strain is so popular because many people believe that it is the most potent strains on the market. Soul Speciosa has been taking advantage of its popularity by keeping it in high supply and offering it at competitive prices. Only a few grams are needed to feel the powerful effects. People will be able to feel so much better about themselves after taking this supercharged Kratom strain! 


User-Friendly Website Information

One of the biggest annoyances that people have with Kratom vendors is that their websites are not user-friendly. It can make things confusing for customers, and, eventually, the vendor will lose the customer. Soul Speciosa has created a very easy to follow website. Customers will not struggle with how to place their orders. Customers are also given a sense of peace, knowing they can contact the company at any time. Customers will receive a phone contact as well as an email address to contact their support team if anything went wrong with their order. Their website also provides information on how to receive discounts and take part in some of their promotions. All of the data that you enter is handled safely and securely.

Pricing Information

Soul Speciosa takes a lot of pride in selling their products at very competitive prices. This is something that potential shoppers should always invest time in comparing what companies offer. It is vital also to compare various companies and see how similar the prices are. 

For under $10, customers can receive 28 grams of powder, and 56 grams of powder is old for under $17. When compared to other extracts on the market, Soul Speciosa is not one of the cheapest, but they are also not one of the most expensive either. People feel their prices are exceptionally reasonable considering how great their product is. 

The only complaint people have had with their pricing is that they don’t offer to sell their product in bulk. They do not provide kilo or half kilos, either. People have to settle for purchasing smaller strains rather than large bulks. Liquid Kratom is available in 90 mg bottles as another option.

Be sure that as soon as you enter their website, you give them your email address. You will be able to receive many coupons and notices of upcoming promotions. You will also be eligible to receive special offers and deals. Many of these deals will only be available to people who sign up for their email club. If you are planning on being a frequent Kratom customer, you should sign your email up.

Shipping and Customer Service Information

One of the great things about Soul Speciosa is that they are very quick with their orders. Most times, when you place an order, it will be disbursed on that same day. Shipping will make its way to you via UPS, and any orders that you place over $99 will be shipped for free the following day. This is a thank you for the big order, and they want to make sure that you receive the freshest products possible. People will notice how well-sealed Kratom is to make sure there is no damage or any chance of contamination.

As mentioned above, the customer service team is extraordinary. Their office and a 1-800 number are provided on the contact form. Staff is available to help enhance the service and delivery of your products and are ready for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. They are also very willing to answer any questions you may have about the product. Some people may be torn between a couple of strains, and their knowledgeable staff will be able to provide you with suggestions. They will not offer medical advice but can tell you everything you want to know about the product.

Customers can return the product received if they are not satisfied with how it arrived. If the seal has been messed with, they will not accept any item that has already been opened. So, if you plan on returning a product, do so before ever opening or tampering with it.

Additional Information

One of the perks about being associated with Soul Speciosa is that they have a loyalty perks program. It is a 5-tier program that gives customers the chance to unlock different benefits when they buy their products. Customers can receive 5% off when they spend over $500. They also appreciate people who follow them on social media and offer those customers an additional 10% off. Loyal customers can take part in weekly promotions in which codes up to 70% could be provided. More points can be given when you share their information through websites, blogs, or video posts. They are very loyal to their customers and enjoy offering them chances for a lot of rewards.

Based on this information, it is no surprise that their customers are satisfied with their service and products. The quality of the product has commonly been praised and the consistency has been noted. Customers have indicated that they are willing to try different products based on the experience of the first product they purchased. 

Soul Speciosa seems to check off all the boxes when it comes to choosing the right vendor for your Kratom purchases. The product is nothing but high-quality, and their product line is impressive. They offer both powder and capsules, which people find very helpful when deciding which method is more pleasing to them. The products are always safe as they are tested and sealed enough to prevent any possible contamination from happening. Ordering online is a cinch with their website, and their prices are incredibly affordable for what you get in return.

Their customer service team is always ready and prompt with responses. They know the product inside and out and can help their customers with any issues that could arise. People enjoy the calming effects that Soul Speciosa’s products deliver and prompt them to try some of the other options they have available. It is a great vendor all the way around and is an ideal place to begin your Kratom journey. They want their customers to have the best experience possible, and not many other vendors care as much as they do. 

Be sure to give their website a visit today to see exactly what we have been talking about in this review. You will not be disappointed by what you see and will feel at ease knowing you are in the right hands.