The Golden Monk: Pro’s of this kratom company

The Golden Monk Review

For a growing number of people, Kratom is becoming a staple as it is boasted as being a highly effective natural herb with both medicinal as well as recreational benefits. The leaves come from trees grown in Southeast Asia with a large variety of different strains providing a range of results from person to person based on individual makeup and the amount that is consumed, not to mention the particular quality of the product received. A lower quality product won’t just prevent you from obtaining the desired effect, but it will also likely bring adverse reactions. To ensure that you avoid impurities, you would be wise to research carefully when choosing a Kratom vendor. This can be a daunting task as there are hundreds of suppliers on the market, but being boasted as one of the trusted is a vendor known as The Golden Monk.

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The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk is a fairly new Kratom vendor that originated in Canada in 2016 but has since relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. They claim that they provide among the highest quality strains that are available to users on the market having an edge over much of their competition. They base their claims on the fact that they subject their compounds to comprehensive analysis for which they must pass in order to be placed on the market. Their focus with their Kratom products is the alkaloid content which is critical for the individual strain properties. If there is a low alkaloid content, the product will be rendered weak and not useful.

Benefits To Using The Golden Monk Vendor

Buying Kratom online seems like it should be an easy process but prior to doing so, it’s critical to be skeptical and thorough in your quest to find the right vendor in order that the person you choose be trustworthy and reliable with the products that they provide. Being an online vendor for just a short time, The Golden Monk offers positive reviews and benefits that can’t be denied or ignored. They have worked with many customers and shown an ability to satisfy each of their customers.


The Golden Monk website provides an interface with a fantastic layout for shopping that is effortless. The categories consist of vein colors which allows the customer the ability to find their favorite strain in a much simpler fashion. There is also the capability to click for Kratom capsules which allows the ability to pick a strain and the quantity.

The website is not only about purchasing Kratom. There is also a great deal of educational information provided for the customers in the blog section where they discuss specific strains, other reputable Kratom dealers, facts that you need to consider when considering Kratom, and a buyer’s guide for each particular State-regulations vary for each individual state.


Quality is crucial to The Golden Monk as they make sure to put their Kratom through a very stringent quality control process. The rooms where the products are handled and packaged are climate-controlled and certified GMP which ensures they are contaminant-free from any type of particles or airborne organisms. Within their analysis, there are six various tests that are done that allow for among many things a third-party lab test. They are transparent with lab test results posting them periodically on their website where you can view their certificate of analysis.


Small orders cannot be purchased with The Golden Monk. The least amount of Kratom you can purchase through this vendor is 250g at a cost of approximately $50 for a majority of the different strains. By placing an order for 1000 capsules or one Kilo, you will receive 15 capsules as a free sample. Those who are newcomers receive a ‘welcome’ via a free spin on a wheel that could potentially provide a 10% off discount. There is a loyalty program where you are given 250 points after you have opened up an account with the Golden Monk and you receive 10 points with every dollar that you spend.



Orders will be shipped on the same day if they are placed before 2 pm (EST). Free USPS is given on any order that is made over $49.99 or products of 250g strains.

The Golden Monk boasts having among the best return plans available which consists of 30-day returns whether the package has been opened or not which begins when tracking shows the order has been received as opposed to when the order was placed and you will receive a return label so there will be no return postage fee. They claim a five-day turnaround for refunds.

Customer Service

The users who have dealt with The Golden Monk customer service representatives have touted them as being very consumer-oriented, knowledgeable, friendly, eager to assist. They are available via email or telephone and you will have an answer to your issue within a 24-hour timeframe. The consensus is that if there is no answer at the time of your call, you will immediately receive a call back in order that they can take care of the problem that you may be having. The Golden Monk boasts that they take their role very seriously and want to ensure that you receive the optimal in user services.

The Golden Monk Kratom Products

The Golden Monk online vendor offers a wide variety of items that customers may find difficult to locate with other vendors such as Horned Leaf Kratom as well as Kratom capsules which many vendors choose not to carry. Very rare is the CBD Hemp Flower Kratom powder which is extremely unusual to see with any vendor, but you will always see it in stock at the Golden Monk in a few different varieties with several price points. This product is special in that it is touted as having anti-inflammatory properties, acts to kill pain, and can be sedating. It has no THC meaning that adverse effects will be little to none.

Overall, the Golden Monk boasts six general categories for the variety of strains of the Kratom that they sell which include:

  • Red Vein Kratom
  • CBD Hemp Flower Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • White Vein Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • Kratom capsules–preferred by many

Of these basic categories, there are a multitude of numerous different subcategories. Each individual person is responsible for selecting which strain they feel will best meet their particular needs as the various strains are unique in the benefits that they each provide. The Golden Monk does all that they can to provide information in educating their customers as to what typical effects a certain strain carries with it. In assisting the customer is trying to ensure that they get the strain that is best for them, the Golden Monk offers a 100g sample pack that consists of four 25g packages of strains of your choice that you are able to try out to see how you react to them. There is also a Beginner’s Pack of 300g consisting of three 100g packages that you are able to choose.

Side Effects

The Golden Monk Kratom is retrieved from reputable farmers throughout Indonesia and other wholesalers who they entrust to meet their very strict quality guidelines. With the stringent testing and the way the product is handled and packaged to be contaminant-free, the likelihood for foreign elements is going to be next to nonexistent. This allows the user to have a product of fresh, pure quality, making for little to no adverse reactions. The Golden Monk is so insistent that their products be of this standard that they won’t place them up for purchase until they have passed all of the necessary tests indicating they have met the requirements.

Of course, it is going to be up to The Golden Monk customer to be responsible when consuming the product. It is critical to stay within the suggested dosages and not indulge in too large quantities. This has the potential to lead to adverse effects including the possibility for dependency.


The Golden Monk packages their products in an easy way, particularly for beginners or those new to Kratom, so that they can monitor the dose low and slow build-up to the appropriate level for the effect that they desire. Each strain offers various effects and each person is going to experience the strains differently. With the Golden Monk, they offer a sampler package in order that you can dose a few different strains to see which one may offer the right effect for you.


Typically when doing a review for an online vendor, particularly for a controversial substance such as Kratom, there should be pluses and minuses for that vendor so that the customers can weigh all of the options and make an informed decision. This vendor really does cover all of the bases as far as standing up for good quality for their customers and makes sure that they don’t put their product out there until it meets that level. That says something. And there’s not many minutes about that.