Yellow Vein Kratom Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to Yellow Vein Kratom

As Kratom becomes more and more popular, people become intrigued by the different strains that are offered. It can be confusing at times, trying to figure out which type of Kratom will work best for you. The good thing is that everything is all-natural, and as long as it is appropriately taken and is of high quality, you will not experience side effects. So, even if the product isn’t for you, you will not be damaged by trying it.

Kratom looks very ordinary and not as complicated as some may think. But, it is essential to understand the different types because of how beneficial it can be to a person’s health. Each strain of Kratom has a different kind of chemical composition and will ultimately affect people’s bodies in different ways. 

One of the more unique versions on the market is Yellow Vein Kratom. Since most people are only familiar with red, white, and green, it may catch someone off guard if they hear about a yellow version. The yellow strain is increasing in popularity, even though it is still considered to be pretty rare

What is Yellow Vein Kratom?

Each of the other three colored strains has been able to be identified from their location, but Yellow Vein Kratom is unique. As a result, there are many theories out there trying to explain where it was first originated.

One of the theories was that the yellow Kratom came from Kratom leaves that were picked much later in a tree’s life. Because the leaf lasted longer on the tree, it began to develop a yellow hue. Another theory has the three colors being blended together, which is called a kratom blend. When this happens, the blends are fermented and result in a yellow tint.

The theory that most people seem to accept is that a special drying process created it. The drying process plays an instrumental role in how the different strains get their color. This process can be altered by drying some of the leaves outdoors while others spend their time indoors. These different variations will affect the color and the alkaloids of the Kratom.

Benefits and Effects of Yellow Vein Kratom

When making a comparison to the other three colors, most people believe that Yellow Vein Kratom most closely resembles the green Kratom strains. But, the Yellow Vein Kratom seems to have longer-lasting effects.

Pain Relief

This strain can help people who are suffering from different aches and pains. Since it has the power to relax you, it will help your mind settle down and feel some of the effects of the pain relief that is happening inside of your body.

Mood Booster

Yellow Vein Kratom is one of the best ways to help people get control over their emotional setup. It helps to keep the equilibrium balanced and stop any harsh reactions from showing up. People who feel as though they really struggle with mood swings should look into Yellow Vein Kratom. 

Moderate Stimulation

Yellow Vein Kratom does contain some elements of stimulatory features, and it is not as potent as some of the other strains. Many people are not entirely comfortable with getting overstimulated, so this would be the perfect strain for them.

Soothing Effects

Without a doubt, Yellow Vein Kratom will deliver when it comes to calming effects on people’s nerves and will be a stress reliever for an extended period. This also can help people battle chronic stress syndrome like anxiety. As a result, people will feel as though their optimism levels will be significantly boosted.

Energy Booster

With great optimism comes divine energy. It is a much safer alternative to drinking coffee. This will give you the energy you need to keep busy throughout the day without feeling the crash that can follow. Taking Yellow Vein Kratom in the morning will help you be more productive at work and sustain a level of energy that can keep your mind focused on any task thrown your way.

With all of these effects, Yellow Vein Kratom is bound to leave people full of confidence with a pleasant overall mood. Not all of Kratom strains can leave people feeling this good. It is recommended that people take Yellow Vein Kratom early in the morning. It is not as strong as white strains, so it is the perfect beginner strain. Taking it in the morning will allow you to get that boost of energy and focus needed to be successful throughout the day.

This is also good to take in the morning because it enhances your mood and helps you start your day right. It will give you a positive outlook on the day, even if you have some significant obstacles to tackle throughout the day. It is also good to take later in the day if you are feeling anxious.

Types of Yellow Vein Kratom

Despite this being a little bit newer, Kratom vendors are trying to develop more of a variety. They are hoping to attract more customers with more of their Yellow Vein options.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom

  • Rarest of the yellow strains
  • Known for euphoric and stimulating effects
  • Great for energy and overall mood enhancement

Yellow Borneo Kratom

  • Originates from Borneo kratom
  • People feel euphoric effects and stimulation
  • Pain-relieving benefits also noticed

Yellow Malay Kratom

  • Pain-relieving strain
  • Energizing and stimulating
  • Similar to Green Malay Kratom

Yellow Bali Kratom

  • Created with the use of white and green Bali leaves
  • A center between Red Bali and White Bali
  • Provides sedating effects
  • Strongest quality is its mood-boosting

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

  • Very new strain
  • Believed to be the most potent yellow strain
  • Leaves from Vietnam are found to have 20-25% higher alkaloid content
  • Stimulating and euphoric effects
  • Helps to relieve anxiety

The popularity in Yellow Vein Kratom is proliferating. People are finding the strain to be very potent, fresh, and high-quality. 

Yellow Vein Kratom Dosage

As is the case with almost every other type of Kratom, making a dosage recommendation is challenging because everyone is different. If you have been taking Kratom for any duration, you probably already have an idea of what amount works best for you. 

If you are new to Kratom, you should start low. This should be about 1-2 grams during your first dose and then wait for nearly a half-hour. You should feel the effects of the Kratom by this point. If you do not, you can consider taking another 1-2 grams to see how you feel.

Keep an eye on precisely what you are taking and when you are taking it. Don’t mix things up or lose track of time. If you feel as though something does not feel right, stop taking the Kratom immediately. It is always best to consult a professional before taking any new substances, such as Kratom. 

Side Effects

Almost anyone who takes any of Kratom products will not experience any side effects. Since all the ingredients are natural, people are safe when taking the product. But, if the product is taken without proper care, side effects are possible. This can include nausea, dizziness, headaches, and stomach problems. This, again, will only pop up if you abuse the recommended dosages.

It is also crucial that you purchase Kratom that is of the highest quality. Anything less than the top of the line will leave you feeling no positive effects whatsoever. Be sure to do your research ahead of time to find a reputable company that has user reviews that vouch for their legitimacy.


Despite being relatively new, Yellow Vein Kratom is starting to make its name known in the Kratom world. They have their very own unique aroma compared to the other colored strains. The drying method used really helps to bring out the yellow color and play with the alkaloids in the leaf. As a result of the alkaloids being adjusted, people can experience some new and unusual feelings.

When considering the desired effects, yellow strains are more likely to present feelings of relaxation and euphoria. It does have the ability to increase your energy quickly, but not in a jittery way. The power it gives you provides more of an alert state. It is the perfect morning supplement to kick start your day on the right foot. You will feel refreshed at work and confident in your ability to handle any task that you’re expected to complete. 

With so many yellow strain options available, consider purchasing samples of each to see what works best for you. You don’t want to end up making a big purchase of something that is not going to work for you. Personally evaluate all the different strains and see which one had the most positive effects on your body. 

Red, green, and white strains offer many impressive qualities, but yellow might take the cake. Their uniqueness makes them stand out as new and upcoming. Purchase Yellow Vein Kratom before it starts to catch on with everyone else.