Indo Kratom Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s of this strain

The history of Indo Kratom

Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, kratom has become a popular topic in recent years. This includes the distinctive, popular variant known as Indo kratom. Despite being popular for centuries, this member of the coffee family has seen renewed interest from a wide range of individuals. Due to its many beneficial properties, which are being emphasized further by ongoing studies, kratom has found popularity among recreational drug users, individuals dealing with chronic pain, and many others. There is even an interest in using kratom to fight the opioid crisis in the United States and elsewhere.

indo kratom

That last item alone can tell you in no uncertain terms that kratom is a big deal these days. It offers benefits ranging from pain management to distinct feelings of euphoria, to renewed energy and a stronger immune system. In terms of fully understanding what kratom has to offer, we must keep in mind that there is still much to be explored further. At the same time, the information we have in the present, backed by centuries of use, is extremely encouraging.

As you begin to learn about kratom, you will begin to learn there are different strains and variants out there. This is where Indo kratom comes into the picture. If you are new to the benefits of kratom, Indo is an excellent place in which to begin learning more.

One of the first things to understand about kratom is that there are a number of different variants on the market. This is the best way to distinguish where your kratom is coming from. Kratom comes from many different countries. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea are just a few locations in which kratom is grown. Depending on the country of origin, it is probable that the kratom you buy is going to have certain unique characteristics. Kratom shares certain benefits and considerations across the board, but there are still some differences from one variant to the next.

As you may have guessed from the name, Indo kratom is kratom that comes from Indonesia. It is one of the most well-known variants in the world. It can be broken down further. Super Indo and Ultra Enhanced Indo are two such examples that we will discuss further.

While there are a number of Indo strains on the market, keep in mind that the word “Indo” on the label doesn’t automatically make it so. There are unfortunately a number of vendors who are simply using the word because it has become popular in the kratom community. For this reason alone, it is a good idea to research any products you may consider. While there are tons of genuine kratom products available, there are also products and companies that are best avoided.

Let’s take a closer look at the authentic Indo kratom strains:

  • Super Indo: The largest leaves are used in the making of this strain. With kratom, the larger leaves tend to yield the greatest number of alkaloids. This is why Super Indo is highly regarded for its potency.
  • Premium Indo: This strain comes from the stem of the plant. This is a plentiful part of the plant, so Premium Indo tends to be one of the most affordable options. Its relative mildness and lower price, particularly compared to Super Indo, makes it a popular choice among newcomers to kratom.
  • Ultra-Enhanced Indo: This form of kratom will be a pure powder combined with the extract. Generally speaking, the extract accounts for twenty-five percent of the mixture. This means that it is not as potent as some of the other variants you will encounter. For this specific reason, it is another popular choice among first-time users.
  • Extracts: An extract will come from boiling leaves to create a resin. The resin is then turned into an extremely potent powder. Extracts tend to be the most powerful on the market.

As you can see, Indo can be broken down and understood in terms of experience. First-time kratom users, as well as many more experienced users, can use Premium or Ultra-Enhanced. Those who want something more potent can move on to Super Indo. It is not recommended that first-time users try products made from extract, given its strength even among experienced kratom fans.

You now have a clear idea of what to look for. At this point, we can take a serious look at the many benefits of Indo kratom strains.



Indo benefits abound. Currently, one of the most popular benefits can be traced to its potential at treating chronic pain. This is also the point where kratom becomes intriguing as a legitimate alternative to opioids. Kratom works with the same receptors in the brain as opioids, when it comes to dealing with varying types of pain and discomfort. Kratom can even be potentially used to deal with the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids. However, this can be potentially problematic, for reasons we will describe later.

The use of kratom as a stimulant is also worth noting. It certainly makes sense. After all, kratom is a member of the coffee family. When used safely, kratom can provide an individual with a renewed, natural energy boost. Some have even combined a small serving of kratom with their coffee, or in their morning smoothie/yogurt. The fact that kratom can be added to a wide range of things, and this extends to the Indo strain, is another advantage worth noting. Some users have actually substituted coffee for kratom completely. It is not a difficult item to add to your day.

As it works as a stimulant, and as a means of treating pain, it makes sense that another of the top Indo kratom benefits involves an improvement to your overall mood. Kratom has established a formidable reputation in this arena. Depending on the strain, as well as the potency, you will find that Indo can work wonders as a mood enhancer. Some users even report a feeling of euphoria when taking the drug. This is another benefit that comes down to proper usage. Keep in mind as well that kratom in any viable form is known to work quickly. In most cases, people begin to feel the effects of kratom in ten or twenty minutes. One could certainly see that as another benefit.

Side Effects

In terms of Indo kratom side effects, there really isn’t a lot to worry about. However, as we have alluded to throughout this article, the overall kratom experience is highly dependent upon proper usage. This includes maintaining reasonable dosages, as well as avoiding prolonged use. It can also be a good idea to pay attention to how your body responds to the drug. This is particularly important for anyone who is using kratom for the first time. You may experience mild nausea, and/or a slight headache. If such symptoms worsen or continue to persist after your second or third kratom experience, consider lowering the dosage, or stopping use altogether.

The most severe side effects of any kratom strain tend to focus on those who use the drug in great amounts, and over a prolonged period of time. Doing so can create withdrawal symptoms on par with opioid withdrawal symptoms. This is something to keep in mind, but also understand that this only applies to the most extreme kratom users. If you find yourself getting to a point of high dosages throughout the week, consider seeking help.


For first-time users, it is advised to start in the 2g to 3g range. Even with a lower-potency kratom, such amounts will likely give you the experience mentioned above. Some suggest going as high as 5g. Many consistent kratom users stick to the 5g limit, which can be taken once or twice throughout the day.

In terms of the best kratom dosage, it is again important to pay close attention to how your body responds. It is also important to remember that taking too much kratom can offset the benefits with some of the side effects mentioned above. Taking high doses of kratom can also give the user something akin to a hangover when the benefits of the drug wear offer. Paying attention to your body, combined with reasonable dosages (first-time users should not mix kratom with other drugs, or alcohol), is the best way to enjoy everything kratom has to offer.


Indo kratom clearly has a lot to offer. The challenge on your end is to make sure you are utilizing a genuine Indo strain. Careful research can ensure you do this. You will also want to pay close attention to maintaining beneficial doses. The potential for abuse with kratom is low, but it does nonetheless exist.

On the subject of combining Indo with other substances, it is once again advised that first-time users avoid doing so. This is largely due to the overall potency of kratom, which can be enhanced, or otherwise changed, when other substances are brought into use. With experience, one can eventually get to a point where they know what to expect. It is important to do everything possible to ensure your first experience with kratom is a positive one.