Ultra Enhanced Kratom Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s

An overview of Ultra Enhanced Kratom

Even though kratom has been used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia (and for quanta while around the rest of the world, for that matter), turns out that there really are ways to make this traditional 100% all-natural pain reliever a lot more powerful and a lot more potent than it is when created by Mother Nature alone.

Ultra Enhanced Kratom was created to do exactly that, ramping up the benefits that traditional kratom brought to the table without adding any extra chemical or synthetic additives into the mix.

Available at a slightly premium price tag compared to the “base” kratom options available from reliable and reputable vendors around the world, people are understandably a little bit skeptical about whether or not this enhanced version of kratom is the real deal – and if it is worth the extra expense.

We have done quite a bit of digging to figure that out for you and are happy to present all of the information and research we have been able to uncover in this quick guide below.

What is Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

As highlighted above, Ultra Enhanced Kratom (sometimes called UEI Kratom) is essentially kratom that has been elevated with very specific additives carefully selected to not mess with the all-natural properties of this painkiller and urban but instead to elevate and improve both the potency and the overall duration of the effects that kratom brings to the table to start off with.

This has made Ultra Enhanced Kratom one of the most popular premium kratom products money can buy, and for good reason.

Starting with high-quality red or green-veined kratom, to begin with, different manufacturers and production facilities add a liquid agent (water or ethanol) to the base kratom to extract the potent alkaloids that give this all-natural medicine its properties, to begin with.

After that extract has been created is passed through a polar liquid and then mixed quite thoroughly, adding different components and extracts to the mix along the way (from other plants and all-natural sources) depending on the manufacturer to get the elevated Ultra Enhanced Kratom that you are then able to purchase.

Trying to strike the perfect ratio between kratom base and the kratom extract is a tight rope that different brands walk in different ways.

Some of them lean more towards the kratom extract (and are therefore more expensive) whereas others at just a bit of kratom extract to kratom base – with other additives – that improve the results to a slightly lower degree while still offering improved potency and duration at the same time.

What Makes Ultra Enhanced Kratom So Special?

There are all kinds of benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy if you decide to go down the road of using Ultra Enhanced Kratom compared to traditional kratom, benefits we dig a little bit deeper into in just a moment, but there are two things that really make Ultra Enhanced Kratom so special.

For starters, the alkaloid extraction process – and then reintroduction into base kratom – means that you are going to get far more alkaloids contained within each individual dosage of Ultra Enhanced Kratom than you ever would have received with traditional kratom alone.

It is, after all, the alkaloids within kratom that give it all of its medicinal properties and all of the big benefits that it brings to the table. By concentrating these alkaloids with a liquid ahead of time, then distilling it down and adding the potent extract back into kratom you are able to supercharge those alkaloid levels in the results you get at the exact same time.

On top of that, only the highest quality kratom strains are ever selected for Ultra Enhanced Kratom production.

Strains like White Indo, for example, are used quite commonly in this formula because they are already quite high in overall alkaloid content.

Supercharging already powerful and potent kratom strains like this dramatically improves the benefits made possible by this all-natural painkiller, really taking things to new levels that you simply wouldn’t have been able to enjoy with lower quality or lower potency strains acting as the base ingredients.

The bottom line is pretty simple and straightforward – Ultra Enhanced Kratom is a whole new level above what kratom alone makes possible.

What Kinds of Benefits Does Ultra Enhanced Kratom Offer?

(Almost) Instant Pain Relief

The pain relief benefits of traditional kratom are already spectacular, which is why so many people consider this Southeast Asia plant-based medicine to be “opiates lite”.

When you distill down all of those pain relief benefits into a potent extract, add a handful of other enzymes designed to help with pain relief into the mix, and then toss in traditional kratom on top your left with something that produces almost immediate pain relief that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Dramatically Increased Mood

You are also going to be able to release a biochemical cascade of reactions that flood your mind and your body with endorphins, happiness chemicals that will have you feeling like a million bucks all day long from the moment that you wake up until the moment that you fall asleep – all with just a singular dose of Ultra Enhanced Kratom along the way.

This improves your productivity, improves your overall mood and outlook, and certainly makes you friendlier and more open to leading the kind of happy and healthy lifestyle we all deserve.

All Day Energy

Kratom on its own provides plenty of energy and stimulation in a way that traditional stimulates like sugar and caffeine cannot, but Ultra Enhanced Kratom takes that to entirely new levels as well.

It’s not so much that you are going to see dramatically increased energy pouring out of your ears when you have started to use Ultra Enhanced Kratom on a regular basis – you aren’t going to be jittery, jumpy, or burning off nervous energy – but instead are going to notice an almost endless reserve of energy that just cannot be depleted.

On top of that, we aren’t just talking about physical energy levels that are improved with the help of Ultra Enhanced Kratom, either.

You’ll find that your mental energy levels spike and remain consistently high throughout the day even when dealing with stress, pressure, and anxieties that otherwise would have taxed your mind and fatigued your cognitive abilities in the past.

Elevated Cognitive Abilities

Speaking of cognitive abilities, you’ll feel like you can think a lot clearer, have a lot more creativity and generally are able to recall short-term and long-term memories more accurately when you are using Ultra Enhanced Kratom.

The science backing the positive impact kratom has on our cognitive abilities is pretty rock solid. By taking advantage of kratom that has been significantly enhanced it stands to reason that you will notice even bigger benefits that last a lot longer, too.

Powerful Sedative Prospects

In higher dosages (used later on in the day, closer to bedtime) you can reliably count Ultra Enhanced Kratom to help you fall asleep almost instantly – and then stay asleep throughout the night so that you get high quality, restful sleep that can transform your health and wellness in a multitude of different ways.

The drowsiness that can sometimes be present with higher dosages of kratom disappears quite a bit with the Ultra Enhanced Kratom, only to be replaced by a near-seamless transition from being awake to being asleep.

You’ll wake up feeling totally rested, totally refreshed, and totally energized with the help of Ultra Enhanced Kratom in a way that is tough to pull off with traditional sleep medicines and over-the-counter sleep pills.

What are the Drawbacks of Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

You are obviously going to want to be a little bit careful about diving headfirst into the world of Ultra Enhanced Kratom products without knowing exactly what you are getting into, particularly from a potency and dosing approach.

This is a super-powered version of kratom, already one of the most powerful and most popular all-natural painkillers and medicinal plants on the planet. You want to be sure that anything added to kratom in the Ultra Enhanced Kratom formula is done so intelligently and strategically, not just tossed in as ingredient filler or as a marketing ploy.

You also want to make sure that you are very deliberate with your dosages of Ultra Enhanced Kratom.

Kratom is a little bit more lenient in the dosing department just because even the higher quality strains aren’t as potent as Ultra Enhanced Kratom but you do not have that sort of “wiggle room” when you are consuming Ultra Enhanced Kratom.

Read the directions on the bag, start with lower dosages than you might feel you can get away with, and slowly ramp up your dosage over time to see how your body responds. This is the responsible way to make the most of everything that Ultra Enhanced Kratom has to offer for sure.

Closing Thoughts

Like any other kratom product, you’ll want to make sure that you do your research and due diligence before pulling the trigger on the purchase of Ultra Enhanced Kratom.

Different vendors and different manufacturers use different formulas, different concentration processes, and different recombination approaches that may or may not be ideally suited to your needs, goals, and your unique biochemistry.

Use the inside information contained within this quick guide to help you navigate the options on the market right now and you’ll have nothing to worry about!